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May Prayer Letter


The 2018 Sewing Class

The work here has gone very well. It has grown, and we are seeing the Lord working in many lives.
We hired an assistant sewing teacher, Ange who graduated in 2017, and it is exciting to see her working faithfully every day as a part of our ministry. This helps with the load that Theo has been carrying, who also is faithful in coming and we really appreciate him. We are so grateful for the way this is working out. She has been able to earn a sewing machine this way, and plans to start a school with the teaching skills she is learning now. She saw how God provided for her during her school year and still sees God taking care of her now. Since our last letter we have had two students leave for various reasons. We are hoping that the remaining 30 will graduate in November.

Production Ministry

Since our last letter in Feb., we have had several graduates working in Production finish earning their machines. Jeannette, Marceline, Angelique, Rosine, and Claudine join 28 others, since 2014, that have earned a machine to take home and start a business. We have shut down Production for the time we will be in Canada as we have no-one that we trained yet to take that position. We hope to find someone when we return in 2019 from the Graduating class of 2018.

Fellow ATW Workers

Julius and Evelyne have been with us since April 2017. They have been translating for us at the school and at other functions when we need them. They have three small children and so their involvement is part time.
Below is Julius (center), as we help a Production graduate take their sewing machine home. A very Happy Day!

Evelyne, (pictured above far right), is translating for Anne (a nurse), who, along with us, has a desire for the local people to learn as much as they can about cleanliness and nutrition, etc., teach in our sewing school classroom. The health class is very much enjoyed by the students, that I’m sure they would listen to her for more than the two weeks we give her.
Julius and Evelyne will be at the school teaching the discipleship classes and watching the store and do overall duties while we are in Canada. We are very grateful for their willingness to be there when we can’t be.

Child Sponsorship

We have 35 sponsored children that attend 4 different schools in this area.
Julius and Evelyne will be responsible that the supplies get to the families and take the third term fees to the schools. We have given them responsibilities that we usually do ourselves, or with them. Be in prayer for our team at ATW as we are in Canada.

Looking to the Future

As Diane and I prepare to come home to Canada, after being here in Rwanda these two years, we do so with mixed emotions. We are leaving a country and a people that we love dearly and coming home to family and friends who we love and have missed very much. So, we are pulled between two loves and find ourselves asking, “Where is our home?”
However, these last two years have taken a toll on us physically, mentally and spiritually. We are very tired and looking forward to our 7 months in Canada as an opportunity to heal and be refreshed.  Before we can rest, we must move our residency from Saskatchewan to Alberta. This will put us closer to two of our children and allow us to receive health care benefits in Rwanda that are not available through Saskatchewan Health. Due to the change in our province of residence, we are required to stay in Alberta for 6 months and a day. Once we are settled in Alberta, we plan to take June and July as a time of rest and refreshment for us.
We are scheduling most of our meetings from the beginning of August through the end of November. Because of the residency requirements, our meetings will mostly be in Alberta. At this point, we only have a couple of meetings set. If you would like us to come to your church in Alberta, please let us know. For our churches in Saskatchewan, we may not be able to visit you in person this time. If that changes after we have spoken with Alberta Health officials, we will let you know. In the meantime, we may be able to arrange a video conference presentation as the time difference and internet quality will be less of a concern in Alberta than they have been in Rwanda. Let us know if that is a possibility for you. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
As we prepare, please pray for a special parting from special people here. Pray that we will stay physically healthy and safe on the long flight home. We look forward to a pleasant and encouraging re-entry into Canada and ask for grace as we re-integrate into our home culture. Pray for a spiritual and physical refreshing for us over the 7 months that we are home. Ask God for wisdom to pray for needs we cannot foresee and for a way you can be involved in furthering His kingdom. There is a growing need for a new generation of believers to assist in the work, to train in missions, and to help bring the good news of God’s love to the world.
Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you, for the big part you have played in our lives and ministry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Peter and Diane Salmond

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great day 
and another great year!

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Learning Curve

 we have been having some 'fun' with machines this month.
It has been a learning curve for us.
 Production has finished covering these foam shapes for a school 
and now is making uniforms for the children.
 Peter and Naomi playing with fire!!!

AM class above
PM class below
Another school year has started. It was quite eventful the first week.
We are full and still have people coming to try to apply for the class.
It is hard to turn them away but we can't take more.
I believe the average age is 22 and education level grade 6.
Theo is presently teaching the measuring tape.
Most don't know the fractions of an inch.
Yes we teach the imperial system even though the country uses metric.
We buy fabric in either yards or meters.
Mostly you buy the fabric in "pieces".
One "piece" is two yards or two meters,
and you buy up to 3 'pieces" at the market.

Thankful for the support that comes in for the school and staff.
We are able to run efficiently.
God has provided by meeting all our needs.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valelntine's Day

Nyagatare's newest hotel, City Blue Epic, 
did a great job of their Valentine's Day Romantic Dinner!
Thanks Peter for a great evening!

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