Saturday, November 25, 2017

Graduation 2017

Wow, another year is over!
And it was a very good day to celebrate.
We had all 30 students pass with grades from 80 % to 100 %!
We are so proud of Theo for the great job he did in teaching this year!
The students were proud of him also in his ability to be patient with them as they learned to sew.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Christmas Butter Coffee

 Our yard is so green. 
Every fruit and vegetable is enjoying the rain and sunshine from God!!!
 A store in Kigali - butter is a little much for my budget.
But then I don't know the price anywhere else.
(8000FRW and 5000FRW = $12.16 and $7.60)
 Peter ordered an espresso, and strawberry ice cream.
He didn't realize how small a cup he was going to get.
(and he doesn't really like strong coffee - ha, ha)
Dunking his strawberry ice cream into his coffee - well that's just what he did!
What fun!!!
The clouds!
So massive!
Truly amazing handiwork of God!
And Google came through!
Our house and work - so excited to see it!
 Picked up a Stollen from a German store in Kigali,
(picked up doesn't mean we stole it!)
And with Christmas in just over a month -
We were encouraged to sign up for the Christmas Bazaar in Kigali.
And were accepted -  Saturday, Dec. 2 from 11 to 4PM.
Well, now the week before that event, 
is the ATW Sewing School Graduation -
Friday, November 24, 2017
(But that's for a future blog post).
Meanwhile the students have finished all their assigned projects
 and have had a chance to be creative.
They are sewing now with confidence!

This gal made these two dresses and more during the week they had to sew what they wanted.
The next two weeks will be busy with Grad and Bazaar events.