Sunday, October 29, 2017

October Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                              October 2017

We are so Grateful and Thankful to each one who support us. God has been good and we praise Him for the work He is doing in and through us here in Rwanda.
“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 

This year has been the best year yet, as we have seen God answer some prayers, that we began praying back when we started the ministry in 2012. We wanted a personal translator with the same vision as we have, and not only did God send us one, but He sent two in the form of a husband and wife team, Julius and Evelyne, and family. Please pray for their monthly support level to increase.

We first met Pelagia in 2012 when she came to learn how to sew in our first sewing class. She graduated and came to the advanced class we were offering then, and then continued to work with us, so she could earn a sewing machine. She did, and was very happy to be able to take it home to help with family needs. We met Jean Claude, her husband, and the rest of the family when we had a sponsor for their children’s schooling. Soon there was another one added to the family. With no work, Jean Claude sold the sewing machine to pay the bill. Pelagia came to us for money to help feed the children. This happen a couple of times. Then one of the littles ones got hit by a motorbike running to greet her older sister coming home from school. We helped to pay the hospital bill and she was treated and is now okay. Recently, they asked for about $100.00 to start a small grocery store in their house. We went over their plan and decided to loan them the money as they want to pay it back. This is some of what we often encounter. The dry season and the first few months of the wet season (before they can eat some of the produce from their gardens) are the toughest here. Many families have nothing to eat. Some often come to our house or the sewing school asking for money or food. At times we wish we could do more.

Prayer Needs:
 - Pray for our health, energy, safety, guidance, and wisdom.
 - Pray for our personal financial needs and the ATW financial needs.

As God answers prayers and supplies funds, we do what we can,

Peter and Diane Salmond

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!!!
Hope you have a great day!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017


Rainy season is here again.
Our garden, as so many others, has been planted and is growing.
So thankful for our plot of ground to grow vegetables and fruit.

Took time to enjoy a 'Banana Split"!
Thankful for having time to relax and enjoy some special treat that reminds us of our home country.
 Turkey dinner with friends and 'strangers-that-became-frientds" on Thanksgiving.
(One turkey was brought from Canada! wow, it was sooo good!)
And as to be expected there was more than enough of everything,
and friends.
Well, okay, you really can't have too much of that!
So thankful for the time we spend with Canadian (and other) friends.

 We've been working on aprons.
They are doing great,
and excited about getting their sewing machines.
So thankful for the opportunity to do what we are doing here.
It is very enriching to be able to help others see their desires fulfilled.

Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

Production Labels Cinnamon Model

Wish we did have Production Labels, but I guess that will come!
 Jeanne and Poroniya both have finished earning a machine each!
Interesting how they get it all on one moto.
Two more happy graduates that are going on with their new life with a sewing machine!

So happy we had these items in the house,
I came down with a cold in my head on the weekend.
 I used all of this package so hopefully neither one of us will 
need something like this before we can get more.
 Still have lots of this.
  I used all of this too.
This is more than half gone. 
Nice to have had these items, as I'm not so sure if all of them are available here.

Back to Production!
Four new grads have started in Production. 
They will be working hard to earn a machine.
So far it has taken each of the previous ones about 4 or 5 months of 
sewing items to pay off the total amount of a machine. 
Then we let them sew a few more items so that they have a bit of "spending" money,
to buy items like scissors, thread, pins, needles, measuring tape, etc. to
start they 'home business'.  And also to transport they new machines home.
After practicing on their brand new machines, 
(because two of them are grads from 2015, and two from 2016, 
meaning they haven't sewn anything since they graduated,
and we want to make sure that the machine is working properly,
we had to replace a part on one of the machines already,)
(China Cheap comes so quick to my lips - I need to stop it!)
they are learning to cut out their first item to sew in Production. 
We also had to test them on the fractions of an inch,
just to brush up on what they remembered or not.

One of the gals showed me how to get the 'dreaded' labels off
that come on the material.
You wet the fabric on the back side of the label and try not to get the label wet,
then peel off the label AND the sticky glue used to make it stick to the fabric.
I've tried ironing off the label and the label comes off but the sticky glue stays on the fabric.
So excited was I of this new knowledge, I had to share it with Theo our tailor,
who didn't know how it was done either.
You learn something new every day!

 So many labels!

 Made cinnamon buns Saturday morning!
And Peter made a cake for the Birthday girl!
Both very delicious.

 Yeah, I know that cake wasn't that tough that it took 3 to cut it, Mom and Dad just wanted to help!
 Playing 'Statue"
New dress and matching purse!
A model in the making!

Another week or so of activities done in our life here.
We know that we are trying our hardest to help those here.
It never seems enough though!
Each week, if not every day,
we have people coming to ask for money.
Young and old. 
Dry season is the hardest, until the crops start growing.
It gets tiring, but Peter reminds me we do that with our supporters.
Asking for money all the time. Sometimes, no, all the time,  I wish we had more,
because you do get the odd person who you know is sincere and needs it,
 and then you get the others that just come because you have white skin.
(White skin is a sign that you have money, and if you are fat, you have even more!)
Those ones irate me.
Yes, they all could use it.
They all may need it.
Just deciding who gets the 'extra' money you have at the end of the month,
is sometimes the hardest decision to make.
(Sometimes I want it, to take a break, and get away from it all!!!)

Lord, help me to be kind!
And give me wisdom.