Thursday, September 7, 2017

Backpack Gowns

 Here is a few of the afternoon class students that have finished the ladies blouse!
 And here we have Yellow Bananas in the back part of the 
Ashes To Worship compound, ready to eat! 
They did reach them and eat them!
The landlord came the next day to get the whole bunch.
He had given them permission to eat the ones that were ripe.

Even if there are only two in production, 
they have finished making 10 grad gowns to add to the 20 we had, 
for the 30 possible students that will graduate the end of November, 
which is not too far off! 

Now they are in the middle of sewing backpacks 
for the sponsor children with Ashes To Worship. 
We are making them stronger than the ones we can buy in the stores here, 
which seem to fall apart before they even get used. 
They will be ready along with some pencil cases for 2018.
So far we have 33 children and their families that are benefiting from donations!

The rainy season is here.
We have planted our garden with a good variety of vegetables,
and with the fruit (passion fruit, bananas, and papaya) growing we are doing well.
We have yet to see fruit on the citrus trees, avocado, and mango.
They are not yet mature enough to produce fruit.

Our guard, Theogen, has gotten himself a pup.
He is keeping it at our place so we've got a dog in the yard once again!

We are thankful for the Lord blessing us with safety
and health to do the work here.
The rains bring a cooler weather and many around us are coughing
and we are very thankful to God for the health He has given us.

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