Thursday, April 20, 2017

Newest In The Family

Another new Grandson was born in April.
Nathaniel Ezra Elliott
Born April 15, 2017
Being the 9th sibling in his family, I'm sure there will be a lot of love coming his way!
He looks a lot like his brothers.
17th grandchild for us, making the total of 8 grandsons and 9 granddaughters.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends,                        April 2017

We pray that as you read this letter all is well with you and your family and friends.

The following is an update of what’s happening here in Rwanda.

The building we are presently renting has five rooms. In early December we opened one room to have as a store, to sell merchandise that we make in ‘Production’, and materials we buy in Kigali.  These items are for use in the sewing class, production, and community.  We found that it was a good decision. We have sold bags, elastic, material, needles, pins, scissors, thread, and other things. When the schools started in January, we had a lot of customers from the area buying uniform material to make children’s uniforms for school.

Also in December, we started ‘Production’. Diane had four graduates come, and start making items for sale in the store, and in a motel in Kigali. The work they do is put toward a sewing machine until it is paid for, and a bit more for them to be able to start their own little business, when they take their machines home. In about 3 months, they accomplished this, but before they left, the last month they were there, Diane brought in 4 more grads, and had the first four teach the new ones. The first four are now gone, and they have reported back with exciting news that they are so happy, and they have customers!  This is our goal - to have them learn to sew, and get a machine, and to be able to earn a little for themselves, and their families. God is good!

When January hit, we had an increased interest in the new 2017 sewing class. It was slotted to start Feb. 13, 2017. We had over 70 people come to register for the class. We were only going to take 24 new students, but made the decision to increase to 32 students. This meant some changes in the rooms we were using. Our classroom is now full with 16 machines, used in two classes a day, and another room has two cutting tables, two irons, and two ironing boards in it. Theophile is doing a great job at teaching them the machine, and the beginnings of sewing. It is always exciting to see their enthusiasm in learning this skill. So far we have had no dropouts, which we love, but those on the waiting list don’t!!!  At the beginning of each class, Peter teaches for a half hour from the Bible. Just this week, we had a student ask to receive Christ as her Lord and Saviour - how exciting! God is good!

Child sponsorship is another part of our ministry here. This year, we went from 8 to 19 sponsored children and counting. You can join in this too. At this point, it takes $20.00 a month per child or $400.00 a year to help a family of 4 children to attend school. The school fees differ from school to school, but the supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks - supplied 3 times a year for each term) are the same. We also buy the students “one-time yearly items” like backpacks, shoes, and uniforms. We purchase and deliver the items to the homes - getting a chance to meet the families involved, and visit each school to pay the school fees.

Peter continues to attend the “God’s Garden Church” in a near by town.  Once a month, he has the privilege of teaching them more from God’s word. They would like him to come more often and he does when he gets the chance.

We had the privilege of having Kelvin and Arlene Schapansky (Diane’s sister) come for two weeks. They treated us royally with a little sight seeing and holiday and then helped out at the school and church conference and fixing things in our home. It is so nice to have hot water at the kitchen sink. The people here loved them and and we hope that they will return again, with friends, to the place they lost their hearts in! Thanks to Kelvin & Arlene who have been busy since their return to Canada with helping get sponsors for children’s education here.

We are looking forward to a couple coming to work along side us in April. They are from Kigali, and we know them from our time in YWAM Discipleship Training School we took in June - December 2011.  Julius and Evelyne have three children, speak Kinyarwanda and English, and have other strengths that will be a benefit to the ministry.  They will be raising their own personal support, just as we do. Please pray for them in that area. We are praising God for their interest and excitement in coming to help us.

We are so grateful to God for meeting the financial needs of the ministry, and our own. He has supplied the funds for us to be able to pay the teacher, the present intern translator, and rent of the sewing school, help grads get machines sewing in production (by sale of their made items), and have children attend school. Thank you for your continued interest in the ministry here. We are able to change lives through your help in this part of the world.

Pray with us that God will give us wisdom, clarity, and direction to move forward to what he wants for the ministry here. We have been praying about purchasing property for the ministry and building according to the needs of the ministry. We are seeking God’s leading in this, please pray with us.

Thank you for being involved and being a part of the team here.

May God bless you as you continue to bless others,

Peter & Diane Salmond                                                          

PO Box 161, Nyagatare, Rwanda

For Peter and Diane’s personal support:                 For Ashes To Worship Ministry support:
Code is: SP05                                                            Code is: YA27

Send support to: (write cheque out to YWAM Vancouver, and on separate paper write the designation for the money or use contact info below for more info)
YWAM Vancouver
Project Funding Office
PO Box 57100  RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC V5K 5G6

Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Items Made In Production

 Pencil Cases
 Makeup Pouch
 Cash Wallet 4 zips
 Gathered Shoulder Bag
 Coin Purse
 Apron - one size
 Jewellery Travel Pouch
Classic Shoulder Bags

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Its A Wonderful Life updated

Just watched the show 'It's A Wonderful Life'. I know, it's a Christmas show, but I never had a chance to watch it earlier, so being that there is a holiday here today I thought I'd take the time. The holiday you ask (or didn't) is Hero's Day in Rwanda, so no school. It was nice to have a day break, as we have been very busy with registering new students for the class that starts Feb. 13, 2017. We've had over 50 people come to inquire about the sewing school, and we have changed our minds on accepting only 24 students to accepting 30! (and updated now Feb. 4th - we have accepted 32 students!) Yikes - big step as we had to make room for more machines in the classroom and move the big cutting table to another room, and move Production over to another room. All's good though and everyone is working hard to get ready, and pay school fees.  It's very exciting, so having a day break is good.

I was looking through my pictures and realized that I hadn't posted for some time.

Being we have slow internet I have decided against showing the pictures. grrrr!
Pictures below.

I got 'hives' on the 22nd of December - which have decided to last the full recommended 6 weeks.
Update - ate some more pork (which we figured was the cause the first time and I now have more hives! Definitely the pork!!!)

We fixed the shower base in the bathroom in our house, during our Christmas 'break'. Made it a cement floor with broken tiles and drain. Looks really good and even works!

Our papaya trees are producing even in this dry season. We will have a lot in time. We enjoyed a bunch of yellow bananas from our garden.

I made curtains for the kitchen, nice medium yellow, now we have full privacy on all the windows.

The door in the gate at the sewing school was short, and we had to bend whenever we entered. The gate was taken off and 4 guys "walked" it down to the welder to fix. It was a struggle to get back on the hinges but they were successful, and now we still duck when we enter - I guess we'll get over the amount of times we  hit our heads and realize we don't have to duck anymore. It's a nice improvement.

A few trees were cut down that were too close to the outside of our property fence. We have a chair go missing. Gave the firewood to a needy family.

A bird build a nest in our passion fruit vines and laid 3 eggs. They are hatched and they now fill the nest. I'm sure it won't be long and they will fly away.

Theo has been busy with making school uniforms for the sponsored children. He loves to sew and has the time right now to do that before the classes start in February.

I've been busy with 4 grads in Production. We've made aprons, shoulder bags, small bags, pencil cases, makeup bags, cash wallets and jewellery pouches, and plans for other items. We have a display in our store we opened in December. We've been busy with selling uniform fabric and other supplies since the children started school on January 23 too.

We were able to register 15 sponsored children this year with the funds that have come in. It is exciting to see the faces of those that can go to school and learn. Parents are more than thankful for those of you who have donated money for this cause. We are so thankful too, and it is a joy to be serving the people here who so need the help in this way. I wish you all could have seen the face of the one boy who came to pick up his uniform. After he put it on and it fit so well, he was just beaming and was so thankful for it. To put a smile on someone's face is so rewarding.

Well sorry about the pictures. Some I've put on FB so you can see them there. Maybe I'll add them later.

Looking forward to a busy, but fun February.

God has been good and we enjoy serving him here.

 Shower stall before
 Blue Heron
 New curtains
 Replacing gate
 New door
 One Advanced Class student - shirt and pants
Bird nest in Passion Fruit - the following day a hawk came and at the babies who had filled the nest.
 Shower stall after
 cutting down the tree
 New uniform

Friday, January 13, 2017