Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Crown Dress Mask Toques

Well, some more progress.

 AM class dresses,
both classes are doing very well, so much so that the teacher is giving 100%'s.
PM class dresses
Yeah I still do some sewing for myself .

Decided to use up the scrap yarn I have in the house.
Made some toy box items.
 Was thinking that I'd make some toques, scarves and headbands of various sizes and color.
And this is just an added misfit. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose!
we have three of these out of the four we picked up.
I'm thinking it's open box policy from now on!
(if you can't see - the label is only half there, across the top,
 and the metal label is missing below the reverse lever.)

In production, the backpacks are done and they are working on pencil cases
 for the next year of the child sponsorship program.
Then the two gals will be leaving to work out of their own homes.
We are hoping to have the next four machines put together
and start again with 4 more graduates in production.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Backpack Gowns

 Here is a few of the afternoon class students that have finished the ladies blouse!
 And here we have Yellow Bananas in the back part of the 
Ashes To Worship compound, ready to eat! 
They did reach them and eat them!
The landlord came the next day to get the whole bunch.
He had given them permission to eat the ones that were ripe.

Even if there are only two in production, 
they have finished making 10 grad gowns to add to the 20 we had, 
for the 30 possible students that will graduate the end of November, 
which is not too far off! 

Now they are in the middle of sewing backpacks 
for the sponsor children with Ashes To Worship. 
We are making them stronger than the ones we can buy in the stores here, 
which seem to fall apart before they even get used. 
They will be ready along with some pencil cases for 2018.
So far we have 33 children and their families that are benefiting from donations!

The rainy season is here.
We have planted our garden with a good variety of vegetables,
and with the fruit (passion fruit, bananas, and papaya) growing we are doing well.
We have yet to see fruit on the citrus trees, avocado, and mango.
They are not yet mature enough to produce fruit.

Our guard, Theogen, has gotten himself a pup.
He is keeping it at our place so we've got a dog in the yard once again!

We are thankful for the Lord blessing us with safety
and health to do the work here.
The rains bring a cooler weather and many around us are coughing
and we are very thankful to God for the health He has given us.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Just a few things

Just a few things that have been happening,
 This dress was made in Production and given to the child below.  
We made the sleeves short but I didn't take a picture.

 Took a week off and made time to make a couple batches of cinnamon buns.
Don't know what happened to this batch in the oven,
 but once flipped over they sure tasted good. 
Maybe they had something to do with this guy!!!
It's fun to do things out of the ordinary and have a good laugh.
Of course if you ask for 'a armpit and head shot' that'll be what you get!

Back to work and there's more than enough to do.
Thankful for blessings that come our way.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

See That Smile

One happy Rwandan named Josian!
She just finished earning her sewing machine.
Happily leaving to surprise family that she is a proud owner of a treadle sewing machine!
She is just one of many that have earned one since October of 2015, 
and there is a list of many more who want to be in her shoes.

It is great to be a part of this.
Praying that we will be able to help many more like Josian.
 Thank you Lord.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great day!
So glad you were thinking of me and helping pick out clothes for me. Love you!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray with us for our new staff that have joined us, 
they need support - prayer and finances.
Julius and Evelyne are missionaries just like us and need to raise their own monthly support. 

We can see that they are God’s pick for Ashes to Worship (ATW), with some training, their skills and experience are exactly what we need to manage and run the school when we are away in Canada and have proven to be great help while we are here in Rwanda. 

Our goal is to have ATW be self sustaining and run by Rwandan people 
with our guidance whether close by or from afar in Canada. 

It will take some work to get everything to that place, 
but they are so willing, and it will be easier because of that.

But they need your prayers and support to meet the needs of their family of 5.

If you feel that God wants you to support this couple who love the Lord and want to serve Him, please contact us.

They are the answer to our prayers, God’s gift to us at ATW Ministries Rwanda.

Praise the Lord!


We are Julius NDAYISABA and Evelyne IRADUKUNDA, a born again couple who have been married for six years now. We have 03 children namely; Hedva RUGERO IMENA (4 1/2yrs) in Nursery 2, Jayden RUGERO NTWARI (21/2yrs) in Nursery 1 and Elona Riola R. IGANZE (03months). I, Julius was born and raised in Uganda as a Rwandese refugee, where I took my elementary education before I joined the rest of Rwandese youth refugee early 1993 in an armed struggle led by RPF-Inkotanyi, to liberate our motherland from the genocidal regime. Having achieved peace and stability of my country, I resigned from the military and went back to School in 1997after 4 yrs of service in the Rwandese Army. In high School, I received Jesus as my lord & savior which marked the beginning of my call in ministry. Together with my faithful colleagues, we pioneered a students’ fellowship service that revived our high school (Lycee de Kigali) until today.
Amidst the revival at the High school, God spoke to me about my future calling as to how the fields are plenty of harvest, but harvestors but few. In 2000, He led me and provided tuition to study in YWAM-DTS as well YWAM International Community Development School (IFCD) from where He confirmed His calling on my life. I even staffed the 2001 DTS but I thought I wasn’t yet ready to fully respond to the calling. I later joined University of Rwanda where I earned a Bachelor degree of Science with Education in 2005 and got hired as a science teacher for 2 yrs but later moved into different jobs with local NGOs & International NGOs in different capacities. I got privileged to serve communities both at grass root levels and senior levels and I have a varied experience in conceiving and implementing rural development projects targeting the poorest and the most vulnerable groups, involving local churches and Faith Based Organizations. This experience is blended with administrative skills.
As for Evelyne, she is a Burundian native, born and raised in Burundi, in a family of 4 children and acquired Rwandan nationality by marriage. She got orphaned soon after her father - a Burundian military Colonel died early 2000, as a result of Burundian civil wars. She got saved in high school in her teenage, and preached both at school & neighborhood to bring many souls to the Lord. She later graduated as a social worker from Hope Africa University with a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Parallel to her University studies, Evelyne had a life calling as full time minister and served as a Sunday school teacher in her local church (Eglise Vivante de Jabe-Bujumbura), passionate at discipling teens and developing their talents during holiday youth camps. She further worked as a school administrator 2012 soon after her YWAM DTS and this developed her administrative skills. As of recent, she has been running her own clothing shop in Kigali.
Our call to Ashes To Worship came at a time when God had prepared us in a way that we had no objection to go for Him. After God closed some doors and stopped both of us from committing our time in different jobs late 2015, he asked to pray and seek him for further guidance. Indeed we started praying but we didn’t know what would be the next. God asked us to surrender everything for Him, live the rest of lives for Him and to depend on Him alone. We said yes Lord in total obedience and in recognition to His existing call on our lives, but we never knew the details of when, where, what, with who, and how. God was pointing at the East but still we could not figure out what to do for almost 06 months. All of a sudden the wise men (Peter & Diane) from the east of Rwanda approached us with a message that they have been praying for a faithful Rwandese couple to work with and that God led them to talk to us if we might be willing to. We eventually realized that God was speaking to us very clearly and in the right timing when we were waiting for his further direction. Then we took some time pray and explore every pros and cons of the proposed opportunity for ministry and God confirmed it to us through a prophesy at our local church. God further confirmed the move by providing us a free accommodation after a time prayer and struggle as to where we will live for long term in the community. This house came as a 2 yr rent free donation to us from a local woman whom God asked to give her house free of rent to any missionary that might need to use it for God’s purposes.
Both of us therefore are excited to join the existing team at ATW in east of Rwanda (Nyagatare) and passionate about serving the poor and the vulnerable young women and men. We have not only come to ATW with a testimony of how true God can fulfill His promises but also with blend of skills that will further the growth of the ministry. With experience in teaching and implementing faith based development projects where we have facilitated adult learning sessions, participated in discipleship programs, held counselling sessions with vulnerable communities, developed project reports, and handled administrative matters, our potentials have been stretched to contribute a lot in ATW sewing school and sponsorship program. Evelyne’s marketing skills gained during her cloth selling business coupled with sewing skills as she’s currently undergoing training with Diane, are also great assets to increase sales of ATW products in store. Kindly pray with us for God’s grace to be on us and be able to meet our on monthly living costs. If you would like to support them please contact us.
God bless you!
Julius & Evelyne.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Newest In The Family

Another new Grandson was born in April.
Nathaniel Ezra Elliott
Born April 15, 2017
Being the 9th sibling in his family, I'm sure there will be a lot of love coming his way!
He looks a lot like his brothers.
17th grandchild for us, making the total of 8 grandsons and 9 granddaughters.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends,                        April 2017

We pray that as you read this letter all is well with you and your family and friends.

The following is an update of what’s happening here in Rwanda.

The building we are presently renting has five rooms. In early December we opened one room to have as a store, to sell merchandise that we make in ‘Production’, and materials we buy in Kigali.  These items are for use in the sewing class, production, and community.  We found that it was a good decision. We have sold bags, elastic, material, needles, pins, scissors, thread, and other things. When the schools started in January, we had a lot of customers from the area buying uniform material to make children’s uniforms for school.

Also in December, we started ‘Production’. Diane had four graduates come, and start making items for sale in the store, and in a motel in Kigali. The work they do is put toward a sewing machine until it is paid for, and a bit more for them to be able to start their own little business, when they take their machines home. In about 3 months, they accomplished this, but before they left, the last month they were there, Diane brought in 4 more grads, and had the first four teach the new ones. The first four are now gone, and they have reported back with exciting news that they are so happy, and they have customers!  This is our goal - to have them learn to sew, and get a machine, and to be able to earn a little for themselves, and their families. God is good!

When January hit, we had an increased interest in the new 2017 sewing class. It was slotted to start Feb. 13, 2017. We had over 70 people come to register for the class. We were only going to take 24 new students, but made the decision to increase to 32 students. This meant some changes in the rooms we were using. Our classroom is now full with 16 machines, used in two classes a day, and another room has two cutting tables, two irons, and two ironing boards in it. Theophile is doing a great job at teaching them the machine, and the beginnings of sewing. It is always exciting to see their enthusiasm in learning this skill. So far we have had no dropouts, which we love, but those on the waiting list don’t!!!  At the beginning of each class, Peter teaches for a half hour from the Bible. Just this week, we had a student ask to receive Christ as her Lord and Saviour - how exciting! God is good!

Child sponsorship is another part of our ministry here. This year, we went from 8 to 19 sponsored children and counting. You can join in this too. At this point, it takes $20.00 a month per child or $400.00 a year to help a family of 4 children to attend school. The school fees differ from school to school, but the supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks - supplied 3 times a year for each term) are the same. We also buy the students “one-time yearly items” like backpacks, shoes, and uniforms. We purchase and deliver the items to the homes - getting a chance to meet the families involved, and visit each school to pay the school fees.

Peter continues to attend the “God’s Garden Church” in a near by town.  Once a month, he has the privilege of teaching them more from God’s word. They would like him to come more often and he does when he gets the chance.

We had the privilege of having Kelvin and Arlene Schapansky (Diane’s sister) come for two weeks. They treated us royally with a little sight seeing and holiday and then helped out at the school and church conference and fixing things in our home. It is so nice to have hot water at the kitchen sink. The people here loved them and and we hope that they will return again, with friends, to the place they lost their hearts in! Thanks to Kelvin & Arlene who have been busy since their return to Canada with helping get sponsors for children’s education here.

We are looking forward to a couple coming to work along side us in April. They are from Kigali, and we know them from our time in YWAM Discipleship Training School we took in June - December 2011.  Julius and Evelyne have three children, speak Kinyarwanda and English, and have other strengths that will be a benefit to the ministry.  They will be raising their own personal support, just as we do. Please pray for them in that area. We are praising God for their interest and excitement in coming to help us.

We are so grateful to God for meeting the financial needs of the ministry, and our own. He has supplied the funds for us to be able to pay the teacher, the present intern translator, and rent of the sewing school, help grads get machines sewing in production (by sale of their made items), and have children attend school. Thank you for your continued interest in the ministry here. We are able to change lives through your help in this part of the world.

Pray with us that God will give us wisdom, clarity, and direction to move forward to what he wants for the ministry here. We have been praying about purchasing property for the ministry and building according to the needs of the ministry. We are seeking God’s leading in this, please pray with us.

Thank you for being involved and being a part of the team here.

May God bless you as you continue to bless others,

Peter & Diane Salmond                                                          

PO Box 161, Nyagatare, Rwanda

For Peter and Diane’s personal support:                 For Ashes To Worship Ministry support:
Code is: SP05                                                            Code is: YA27

Send support to: (write cheque out to YWAM Vancouver, and on separate paper write the designation for the money or use contact info below for more info)
YWAM Vancouver
Project Funding Office
PO Box 57100  RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC V5K 5G6

Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Items Made In Production

 Pencil Cases
 Makeup Pouch
 Cash Wallet 4 zips
 Gathered Shoulder Bag
 Coin Purse
 Apron - one size
 Jewellery Travel Pouch
Classic Shoulder Bags