Tuesday, December 6, 2016

All In A Days Work

Wow, so it's been some time since I posted, well okay not that long, just over a month.  We took some time off in November, and went to a few places in Rwanda and enjoyed the leisure time. Saw some new places, read a book, hiked a trail, saw some monkeys, and met some neat people.

Came back and checked on the process of windows going into the rooms at the school. Nice to see them and know that the lighting will be better for the students and the air circulation too! Then we had to get all the furniture and whatnot put back into the rooms.

We started up with Production on December 5th and have 4 graduates coming. They will be making more items for sale here in Rwanda and in other parts of the world, if we can get it going! Obviously we have big plans.

One of the rooms is a "Store"! We already have some items come in to sell that one of the production ladies has made, and wants us to help sell them for her. We do have a place in Kigali and a possible place in Nyagatare, plus here at our "Store".
How's that for an african apron?

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