Thursday, September 1, 2016

Well it's been a week

Yes, it's been a week since I've seen my doctor. He asked how our trip and time went in Canada, etc., found out about our doctor visits there, came to the conclusion that if I "was only taking the one pill, and only 1mg (1.2mg as I have been cutting a 5mg pill in quarters) that was like taking 0mg so therefore I didn't need to take it anymore. He would see me in two months and do some tests then and see if my polymyalgia rheumatica was in remission! Well, of course you can see me before that if you need to." 
So that stunned me, and scared me but we decided to do it. So far my body has been telling me I'm okay without the steroid. I decided to do some needed things around the house and unpack and rest from our trip this week. 
We were over to see and greet the staff and students. We were so glad to see them as they were to see us. All is going well there. We've had visits and caught up with some who have missed us while we were gone. It is great to be back and planning how to go from here!  
It is very hot and very dry! We wonder what the cows are eating as we see them on the dry brown hill across the valley from our house. We need rain, they say it hasn't rained since May, which is the end of the last rainy season, September (mid month) is the beginning of the next one. 
It's needed. We have had the guard watering the plants in our yard for the last five months and have seen and eaten produce from them. The town water runs periodically throughout the week so we fill our tank when it's running and have enough till the next time. 
God is good!

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