Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mostly Reunion

We did our last "formal" presentation of our work in Rwanda.
Then we had some fun with some family at the Reunion.
 more games
 and more
One of the sunsets.
You paint the sky so beautiful God!

Fireside enjoyment.
 Color coded family photo getting organized.
 and look who's telling everyone to go where? hee, hee.
 Camera controller.
 Those to my left,
 Those to my right.
Grand children of my parents.
 Great Grandchildren of my parents.
 Selfie of some of my siblings - Where is Arlene?
 Harris family picture!
 More family games!

 Children's water balloon volleyball.
 Adult water balloon volleyball.
Happy winner of one of the many draws we had!
(that's because I didn't get pictures of the rest of them.)
 Children's devos.
 Our grandchildren (the ones that were able to come) in order of age!
 Then in order of height.
 Newest family member!
 Yep, missing a sibling!

We had a great time.
Now we are packing and repacking for our trip to Toronto,
and then on to Rwanda.

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