Friday, June 17, 2016

Baby Orchid Garden Vistors

Some things have been happening since we got back from the USA!
My sister Kathleen's orhid is just beautiful!
 Got to see the "little one" Eva again!!!!
What a cutie!
 Our first meeting back in Canada it was mentioned that Peter got a headlamp so he could see in the dark in Rwanda when the power is off. I mentioned that I was jealous and at the end of the meeting a kind lady by the name of Jan (I believe) gave me a package with two lamps! Peter and I feel so blessed with gifts from those we hardly know and those we do know.
Thanks Jan and to all those of you who have been a blessing to us,
May God bless you in return!
 We met a fellow Didier from Rwanda and his family. We had the opportunity to bless him with memories of fellow workers  in Rwanda and the desire to go back. We may just see him there on a visit soon.
 Fellowshipped with Harry and Linda Shoemaker, friends from many years ago.
 My sister Esther's gardens are doing fabulously. 

Had a great BBQ after too!
And now we are enjoying the time to celebrate my Bday!

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