Monday, May 16, 2016

Its Oovveerr

We had a great 10 days at our daughter and son-in-law's place with our 8 grandchildren! We are so thankful for the chance to stay in the yard by borrowing my sister and brother-in-law's camper - really made it better to stay and yet have a place to 'regroup' if we needed it!!! Not used to so many little ones for that length of time. Peter was able to wear himself out helping with things in the yard, which he loved doing - so it's his fault he's sore, but he loved it!
We had so much fun, shared about the ministry, and meeting some new 'folk'.
We had a great time!
Rayna says it all!
Now on a "wash clothes, repack, and get ready for flights" time, to visit our son and his family in the USA!!!

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