Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Class

The sixth class has started. Of all the 23 we had signed up before Christmas, only a few have actually come to start the class. A tad bit disappointing. We have half the students we could take and some more are talking about coming. Not sure if the starting date the Government has set for the school children has anything to do with it but it has caused us to sit back and take it as it comes. The starting date for the children's school is February 2ish and that is almost a month later than usual. So we will do lots of reviews until we get full classes. We are planning on running the school longer and to coincide with the other schools for a couple of reasons. One is we are in the process of registering the school and the other is we have a trip to Canada this year and want to be here for their graduation. 
Students so far. 
Today we had some guests. Kim shared his testimony, he's working in Korea and is here visiting friends. 

Debbie, on the right, and Marg came to visit us and bless the ministry. Debbie comes to Rwanda once or twice a year and helps those who are in need, teaching sewing and helping the blind is just a bit of what she does and on this trip she brought a neighbor friend with her. We met Debbie a year ago. 
And today we had 9 graduates come to sew in "Production". Very excited about getting some items sewn up for sales here and in Canada. We had sold half of what production had made before  Christmas during the break. We have orders from places in Kigali, Canada, and Australia. Wow, even if it is family, it's still exciting!! 

So thankful to God for answering the prayers from many of you about our health this month. Peter's malaria and my test results, God is so good. 

We ask you to continue to pray for funds to build a new building for the sewing school. We do believe that it is for the benefit for all to have it and we want God to be glorified though it all. He has done so much already and we have been so encouraged in it we want more to know Him. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016