Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shirts and pants

Today was the last day for the Advance Class. All of them put their best effort into the items made. Each had to make a shirt and a pair of pants to fit themselves. Theo did a great job of teaching them as I was not always available being that I was helping in Production three days of the week. The marks and certificates were handed out, and Fanta & bread were enjoyed by each of us! 
Fiona shared with them some encouraging remarks, and I hope they will take to heart the value of the skill they have been taught this year. All signed up for production- a waiting list so far, as we have 5 machine in that department. 
God is good and we hope for the funds for a building which is so desperately needed. God knows we need it with the 10 machines He has already provided. 
Thank you Lord for your provision. 

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