Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

Since school has been out life has slowed down. Production had their last day a week later and a celebration. 
A little Fanta and a game of musical chairs was enjoyed by all. 
Peter enjoyed a game of horseshoes with a friend on Friday. 
Saturday I made the cookies for the gingerbread house. Had to make a pattern too. 
Monday I had to go see the triplets, all bull calves. A very rare event. God truly has blessed.
We dug up a clump of lemon grass to plant in our yard. We haven't had any since we moved from the Nyagatare house in April. Nice to have some in the yard again. 

That afternoon we invited the Merrild's over- Christian & Fiona, Alexander, Isabel and Lucy, to help us decorate the gingerbread house. 
It was a first for them and they did a great job. 
Peter bought a barrel for us for the yard. 
Olivier teaches computer classes in our compound and his first class graduated Tuesday. A needed service for the community and we hope God will send money for a classroom for his classes along with what we need for the new sewing school.
And another game with our guard Theogen. 
A trip to Kigali and a dish of poutine!
A beautifully decorated tree at the MTN building - a nice sight!!!
Before heading into the church for the cantata we walked around the grounds. 
We came home the next day, Christmas Eve and had a bit of time before heading over to the Merrild's for a Danish Christmas Eve celebration. A most wonderful time. 
The children put on a program for us. 
We had a great feast of food, like any meal at Christmas time. Then for dessert we had a traditional rice pudding that has to all be eaten so someone can find the whole almond amongst the crushed ones in the pudding and have the honour of receiving a prize. Lucy was the winner and enjoyed the game of connect 4. 
Singing and dancing around the tree and throughout the house was another tradition we enjoyed with them. 
And reading the birth of Jesus from the Bible. 
Then opening a few presents. 
And of course a few homemade treats. 
We went home stuffed and happy!!!

Christmas Day - we lit the last advent candle and read the story of our King's birth and enjoyed our Christmas present to each other, our house, waiting for evening to phone our family in Canada.
Merry Christmas everyone, and I pray God has blessed too this season!

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