Saturday, November 21, 2015

Still Above Ground

I haven't posted a blog is some time. We have had so many things on our plate that it is hard to have time to sit down and do a blog post. Only one in November - yikes I'm behind, but still above ground! Juggling the sewing school, starting production, and finishing the house has been a bit more than I could handle. We were kindly told and were given the opportunity to take a week off. Thanks to those who were involved in that, I know that you sacrificed your own schedules to accommodate the extra load!!!
So what did we do during that week - went to Kigali and shopped for more things that we needed/wanted for the house. That took about 4 days as we did it at a pace that was slower than we otherwise would have done it, and the rest of the week was spent at our house (doing things).
We have a long list of things that have to be done with the house that were an "oversight" when it was being built, and also things that we wanted to do - like hanging curtains, and getting new cupboards. We have a nice big pantry that needed shelves made for it. We needed to have more shelves and stands made for the kitchen, and now it is getting to look 'normal' as much as we were used to in Canada! When a house is built here there is no closets, cupboards or storage places built-in, so all that has to be added. Well, I'm sure that you could hire someone to do it, but Peter and I are wanting to do that ourselves. Enough about the house.
The Advanced Class is running very efficiently by Theo our Tailor!!! He has learned to "be the boss" as I encourage him to be and the students have learned to do it the way he has told them to do it (okay and some of you will add - the way Diane has told him too! - there!!!!)  But we are both very pleased with the work that the students are doing. They are learning to do long sleeve button up shirts and dress pants with fly and waist band. He got them to do just a collar and tab that would fit them and then he had them do the cuffs with about 6 inches of sleeve attached so that they could learn the cuff and tab for the left hand and for the right. I, of course, had to grade them on these items and I am very pleased with the results of his teaching! This week he has started the pants and while he is doing that.....

The Production has started and is run by Fiona Merrild! So glad to have her on board. Her skill in getting the results she wants from the 5 she has in her "domain" is been shown in the end product! I really like the bags she has started with - 2 different styles from what I had done two years ago so that's good. She has a goal to do children's clothing and more and has knowledge on getting it 'online' for the ministry. She only works at the school 2 days of the week, as she is a homeschooling mom of three little ones, and her husband teaches the children on the two days she's away from home!!! Woot, woot to "Homeschooling Mom's and Dad's"!!!! Pray for them as this is a stretching period in their lives - Christian & Fiona Merrild. You can check out her blog here. A beautiful family!
Go over to the tab above that reads "Ashes To Worship Ministry (Rwanda)" to see the changes made there. Below is the blueprint drawing of the proposed new education building for the sewing school, computer classroom and offices. We hope to build this in sections costing about $20,000.00 CDN for each classroom/office. We are very pleased with those of you who have donated money for more sewing machines - Love It!!!! I know God is going to supply the funds for the much needed bigger classroom in His own time!!! Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The gate posts are going in and the water outlet at the bottom of the yard is finished.