Saturday, October 10, 2015

Window Welding Electrical Fence

Well, today is busy.  The metal frames of the windows are getting painted white and ready for the glass to be installed on Monday. Thirteen windows and 4 doors. 
Peter is digging out the 'front' fence area.
And the other workers are putting in the base for the fence. 
We paid for the power, poles, and whatever else we needed, but it's not installed but it's needed - like yesterday.  So they have hooked the line to the neighbour's pole/wire to use the welder to finish up the 'gutters'/ eaves toughs!!!  It's a bit scary but . . . .  
Peter thinks it will be close to 10 days before we will be moving into the house. The bathrooms need finishing yet along with the above, so we will see. 20th of October. 
So glad we are living close to the construction, there is a lot of interesting "what they do and why they do it that way" and "how we want it done and why we want it done that way" going on every day. I think it is more of a learning curve for them and they may be wishing, on some days, that we weren't so close. Yeah, it's been an experience.  
It's been 4 weeks now living in the boys quarters - yeah, it's been an experience.  Alphonsine comes Monday to Friday to do the wash and fix meals and clean up the little rooms and talk with the workers.
We'll survive!  
The rains are here now and the garden has been planted at the sewing school. If it all comes up we will have plenty to share, which is our goal!  
Everything is greening up. The cows have more grass.  The corn and bean crops have sprouted and it looks like the start of another great rainy season. 
Thankful to God for safety and health for the workers as the build the house. 

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