Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some Quirks

Moved into the house a week ago and it's amazing to see the changes from when we moved into the boy's quarters six weeks before that. The key one for me is the noises from construction, next - the changes in the yard. We kept the guard the master builder hired for guarding the property during construction. He got bit once by Shelagh our guard dog when he tried to hold her back from the vehicles bringing in supplies. I was definitely afraid for his health but seems to have survived and he and Shelagh get along. He's moved into the guard house now and cooks his own meals on a little "stove" he's made beside the guardhouse and the papaya. 
And he did odd jobs for us this week like laying these bricks near the door and hoed a garden spot for the seeds that arrived from Canada that I wanted to plant before it got too late. 
As you can see we still need the gate to be built and placed in it's spot. Shelagh would love to run around and not be tied up as she has been since we left Nyagatare.  The water tanks need to be positioned too. 
So glad to not have to use the squatty potty any more, well while I'm home anyway, still have to use it at work. 
(The guests will use it!)
Peter's been doing some landscaping. I mean getting the horseshoe pit up and running is important part of enjoying life!!!!
Four banana trees were planted. It was decided that we needed them, yellow and green, the yard is big enough. But the rains we've been getting have been pooling in the yard and we will have to dig a hole in the bottom of the foundation of the fence on the low end so the banana trees do not get too much water as they will rot.  
The piles of sand, gravel, brick and stone have now a fellow pile of manure. We have to get that spread around. And I need to place the plants I've dragged with us from the house in Nyagatare six months ago!  Oh my goodness there's so much to do!!!
The elephant grass has started to come back, that will have to be dug out at root level. Someone will want it as seed I'm sure, for their cow. 
The power and poles need to be put in and hooked up - hopefully soon!
God is good! He has blessed us!
(Helps me to blog about the blessings He gives us, to be thankful for what I have, rather than dwelling on the have nots!!!)

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