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October Prayer Letter 2015

Ashes To Worship Ministry in Rwanda

with Peter & Diane Salmond

October 2015 Prayer Letter

I Corinthians 3:10,11 “According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master-builder I laid a foundation, but someone else builds on it. And each one must be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than what is being laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

On September 25th we had the 5th Graduation of sewing students. Sixteen students, who eagerly strived to get high marks, top attendance and Bible learning, were honoured that day! We, as staff, were proud to have these students receive their certificates. We already have about 20 signed up to take the course when it starts in January 2016. We are looking at having a change in schedule – we plan on having only one class a day, running an hour or two longer (8 am to about 2 pm) and trying out 2 students per sewing machine. We are willing to try this as we are limited in machines and space, and Peter and I have been pushing ourselves and our staff very hard and feel it is time to lighten our load just a little.

So what are the plans for the rest of this year?
- Advance class will run for 2 months, late October into December. They will learn to sew a button-up collar shirt and pants with a fly – a basic school uniform, a necessity in this country.
- Production will be starting mid October, with the help of YWAM team member Fiona Merrild. She is homeschooling her 3 children along with her husband Christian and they have worked a plan for her to come to the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are looking forward to her expertise on the subject of marketing and producing. We will have 10 machines for the sewing school and 5 machines for production – and looking for more, (hint, hint), but are glad to start with a small number till we are comfortable with the process, and we don't have room for extra now.

Along with that, we are also enjoying our new rental for the school but realize that it will soon be outgrown if we want to see the above develop. In saying that, we are looking for funds to build a permanent structure that will be large enough for all the above and possibly more vocational training like computers. (Right now one of the YWAM staff is renting a room in our building block to teach computer course to those who are interested, which are quite a few.) The cost for building would come to $20,000.00 CDN per room and we are looking at needing up to 5 rooms. This building will be built on the YWAM land in our area, Mutara, Rwanda for continued use for years to come. Mutara Development Centre, MDC, has a medical building there already in use and having a vocational training building would be a great addition, along with the agricultural, cows, pigs and farming that is running too. Please let the Lord guide you as to what you can contribute to the fund for the building of the new sewing school. Information about sending funds is at the end of this letter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and also feel free to share this with family, friends and co-workers or anyone else you may think would love to contribute.

And, we would like to share about the building of our house. All is going well and we hope to be in it soon. As I write this they are laying the tiles on the floor, painting has been started, the doors and windows are in but not the glass, plumbing in the bathrooms needs to be finished and a few things outside are not finished.

Thankful to those of you who have supported us with your prayers and finances over the years. Trusting that God will lead you to continue to support the ministry here. We are encouraged to see that His plans are greater than ours and that we can totally trust him to meet the needs we see here as we work with those who may be less fortunate. What a pleasure it is to serve Him here.

In His Service,

Peter & Diane Salmond

********* Below is a introduction to a couple, local missionaries, we work with here in Ryabega. Read their story and see if God wants you to help them in their missionary journey. ********

We have had the pleasure of working with Rwandan YWAM staff Amiss and Marieth. Two great people who serve God with us in Ryabega under YWAM. We would like to introduce them to you and if God is leading you to help them – please contact them using their email -

Amiss -

My name is Amiss Habimana Jean Marie and I am Rwandaise, although I was born in Burundi in 1983. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My parents were refugees there. I was born in the refugee country. When we returned back home to our country, we found that all of our relatives died during the genocide. All of our Grandpa's, grandma's and uncles and aunties were all gone. I thank God that I left the country one month before the genocide started.

I grew up in a Muslim household but I came to know Jesus Christ in 2002. Since then, my life has changed in many ways. After I did my Discipleship Training School - DTS in YWAM Rwanda in 2005, I went to Tanzania to do my Introduction Primary Health Care program. In 2006 I joined YWAM Rwanda as staff.

Through my walk with Christ, I have discovered that my passion is to work with poor people and also with people who are affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans, and with people who are losing hope. I started working voluntarily with APRECOM (AIDS PREvention and Care Outreach Ministry) in 2006. My role with APRECOM involved :

- Being responsible for local support groups for widows and people living with HIV/AIDS: I helped by encouraging people through bible teachings, song, and dance. I arranged health insurance for APRECOM members and their families. I also brought member’s concerns to the APRECOM team.
- Counselling: I helped provide counselling for families (including reconciliation counselling in broken families) and at-risk children. I also suggested healthy lifestyle ideas to members.
- Sponsorship for children’s school fees: I help coordinate the allocation of school fees for APRECOM member’s children. I arranged home visits and hospital trips for the seriously ill.

This is what I was doing for 7 years, but now we live in Mutara. After doing DTS with my wife, this was a second DTS for me. God spoke to us to change our area of ministry. God didn't change my passion but He changed the place in which we were serving. So we left Kigali and we are now ministering in Mutara, Mutara is in the East Province of Rwanda. So I am very happy that I am still able to continue with some mercy ministries here in Mutara, such as through support groups, and providing counselling and health care for poor families. I also enjoy doing home visits and seeing how families are doing in their homes.

I am very thankful to be a part of the Ministries here in Mutara, and I hope that you can help me to be able to continue the much-needed work that my wife and I are now doing here together with a team of four other couples and a single young man. Our ministry consists of many different areas of ministry, but our main focus is at the Mutara Development Centre (MDC) where our aim is to empower the most vulnerable people, especially women and children, in the Mutara region through healthcare, agricultural, training, and business/job creation projects, built on biblical principles, to be able to envision and create a better living for themselves, their family and community.

It is a humbling experience to ask for help, but I know that God uses other people to bless us when we ask. My prayer is that you may be able to financially support us with a one-time donation or by committing to support us for a period of time.

Marieth -

My name is Umutesi Marieth. I was born in Tanzania. I grew up in Rwanda. I have both parents.
When I was young I had a dream to be a doctor, but it didn't work because I didn't have the average they needed for nursing school. I tried to find a private nursing school, but they didn't have a place. So in my high school I changed to a course in accounting. I worked in the bank for two years and a half.

Before I got married to Amiss I heard about DTS and I was not interested in doing DTS because I was not sure. I lived near the YWAM base in Kigali. People tried to talk to me about DTS but it was not my time to do it. But the time came and I decided to go.

I got married to Amiss. I felt that this was my time for working with God and to see what God had for me. At that time my fiance was at YWAM for a long time, so I wanted to start a new journey with him, both of us are YWAM'ers.

We got married on the 8th of December, we started DTS on the 7th of January.
I was happy doing my DTS with my husband as we started a new life together seeing another part of what God had for us in our future. As we finished our lecture phase we went on out reach in South Sudan and Uganda. I was so excited to go on outreach expressing my dream to love people and caring for them and to see them grow & trusting in him in whatever they do.

After finished my DTS, I staffed a DTS for six months. After finishing my six months, I was thinking to go and find the job because to live by faith was hard for me. I used to have a monthly salary. So I struggle to be a missionary living by faith, in this culture they don't understand the missionaries, even for my family it is hard for them to understand what I am going to do but God is so faithful to us & he has a plan for those who believe in him.

The time we were doing DTS, my husband told me about Mutara base, I prayed and heard what God wanted us to do in Mutara. It was hard to listen and obey to go to the village, but we decided together to move to Mutara. So we moved to Mutara Development Centre, MDC. I am working in financial at MDC and helping the people we work with by interpreting.

Our vision is to help poor people and vulnerable families, to empower them and teach them different skills, to help their families, & also help them to grow up – in physical & spiritual areas.

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