Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Water Window Thief Adventure

Building a brick house doesn't include security. After last nights episode we are glad for neighbours and a guard and a dog, even though we were not "in" danger it still makes us want a brick wall around the property while we finish building. Peter guessed it was a thief that got caught and he was right!!!  We have a mud brick plastered fence on one side but that is all they (community leaders) will allow us to build with mud brick. The remaining three sides will have to be built with burnt bricks. 
You can see here the back wall where we have room for a gate into the property. 
Part of the installation of the water and electricity wasn't included in the house budget and have yet to be installed. This causes Alphonsine to haul water. Good friends and neighbours, Christian and Anna live on the blue roofed house in the picture below. 
I had to convince her the picture was for Auntie Leona or she would have made me delete it!!! (Here's one for you Leona!)
This window is the second window for this hole in the wall, and it's gone to have another one replace it yet again. (The first one was short by 8 inches.) They didn't have it level and on closer inspection I noticed the bars were off. I told them it had to go, I didn't pay BIG money for that kind of window. So maybe, no not maybe, it will set us back another day but I paid for good windows. "No problem momma!" You're right no problem!
The yard is busy from 6:30am to 5:30pm with workers. Progress is made every day. Here's hoping to spend Thanksgiving in the new house. 

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