Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School and House

Peter got the students with IOU's to work it off. About 8 students had anywhere from 1500 RWF ($2.60 CDN) to double that in debt for material or thread or zippers. 
This is in the school yard. We will plant here instead of at the house because of the work still in progress. 
Peter had to help make smiles on these faces. 
The ladies blouses are really good. They have finished the pants and just about all have finished a shirt- pictures to come later. 
The house progress:
This mound of dirt had to be moved from the back yard to the front. Peter helped it get to the right spot. 
This gal is "pointing". 
It will look very nice when it's finished. 
The floors are prepared for tiles. 
Prepping for the water trough around the house. 
Very busy with all that's happening. We will be moved by this time next week into the boys quarters. No electricity, no running water, I guess that's called camping!  The locals can't grasp it, and progress on the house has sped up. Peter says November 1st, I'm thinking quicker than that but we will have to see!!!
Packing again. Things will be going in about three or four places till our house is finished. 
Thankful for this house we've had the privilege to stay in these last few months. 
Graduation is in 2.5 weeks. Final preparations are still to be done. 
God is good and all will work out to glorify Him!!!

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