Saturday, September 5, 2015


I found out a little trick. 
I take pictures with my iPhone and they have no problem loading them onto my computer using my Nikon program. But when it came to loading pictures onto my computer I'd taken using the two button click of something I wanted from looking online using my phone - they weren't accepted by my Nikon app. So I asked my favourite tech guy and he says he would email them to himself. Well I didn't like that method. So I happened upon a solution. I have another app on my phone called "Quick" and it allows you to add text to your photos. Once I added text to the photo my Nikon program would recognize and load the photo!!!  
Voilà. Happy me!!!!

Before photo. 
After adding "Cucumber Salad". 
Disclaimer: this post is only for me to remember what to do next time!!!!

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