Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Graduation Ceiling Details

It's starting! Coming to the place of details!  Details! Details! Perfectionism has set in. "You want it how?" 
This is what happens when you change your mind and are glad the bathroom is big enough to accommodate a washing machine and the plumbing can be changed in time because it wasn't cemented in yet!  The plumbing is pretty much in now. 
Trim or whatever it is called is being put on the 'ringbeam' outside and the windows. 
The ceiling in the kitchen and living room is getting done. The bathrooms will be the last to do as the bedrooms and the hallways are finished. So much hammering these last few days. 
I think the busyness of building has helped with the small living quarters, knowing that in the end we will have a very nice place to live. 
Glad too that we are living close to check on details as they arise. 

Details of the graduation are coming together. We will have a cleaning day before grad. Looking forward to a great day on Friday. I'm sure there'll be pictures to come. 

God has been very good. We will take two weeks and concentrate on the house and just having some spare time before we start again with the sewing school. 

Praising Him for the health and safety He has given us in the changes that have taken place this year, two personal moves and one more to come, and one move with the school. 

My life feels full in helping teach students to learn a skill and providing jobs for others. "Feeling Blessed!"

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