Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Just some events of the day. 
Displaying the items made. 
The guests and the march. 
The speeches, the certificates, and class photo and fun photos. 
A great day and a lots of fun. Thanks to Fiona for taking the pictures, a great blessing to me as I didn't have to do it, and because of that there are great photos to choose from. 
This is the fifth class to graduate and the next class for beginners will start in January. Plans to start production in two weeks and the week following to start our second advanced class. 
This will keep us busy, and I guess like they say 'young'!
God is has been very good to us!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Graduation Ceiling Details

It's starting! Coming to the place of details!  Details! Details! Perfectionism has set in. "You want it how?" 
This is what happens when you change your mind and are glad the bathroom is big enough to accommodate a washing machine and the plumbing can be changed in time because it wasn't cemented in yet!  The plumbing is pretty much in now. 
Trim or whatever it is called is being put on the 'ringbeam' outside and the windows. 
The ceiling in the kitchen and living room is getting done. The bathrooms will be the last to do as the bedrooms and the hallways are finished. So much hammering these last few days. 
I think the busyness of building has helped with the small living quarters, knowing that in the end we will have a very nice place to live. 
Glad too that we are living close to check on details as they arise. 

Details of the graduation are coming together. We will have a cleaning day before grad. Looking forward to a great day on Friday. I'm sure there'll be pictures to come. 

God has been very good. We will take two weeks and concentrate on the house and just having some spare time before we start again with the sewing school. 

Praising Him for the health and safety He has given us in the changes that have taken place this year, two personal moves and one more to come, and one move with the school. 

My life feels full in helping teach students to learn a skill and providing jobs for others. "Feeling Blessed!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Water Window Thief Adventure

Building a brick house doesn't include security. After last nights episode we are glad for neighbours and a guard and a dog, even though we were not "in" danger it still makes us want a brick wall around the property while we finish building. Peter guessed it was a thief that got caught and he was right!!!  We have a mud brick plastered fence on one side but that is all they (community leaders) will allow us to build with mud brick. The remaining three sides will have to be built with burnt bricks. 
You can see here the back wall where we have room for a gate into the property. 
Part of the installation of the water and electricity wasn't included in the house budget and have yet to be installed. This causes Alphonsine to haul water. Good friends and neighbours, Christian and Anna live on the blue roofed house in the picture below. 
I had to convince her the picture was for Auntie Leona or she would have made me delete it!!! (Here's one for you Leona!)
This window is the second window for this hole in the wall, and it's gone to have another one replace it yet again. (The first one was short by 8 inches.) They didn't have it level and on closer inspection I noticed the bars were off. I told them it had to go, I didn't pay BIG money for that kind of window. So maybe, no not maybe, it will set us back another day but I paid for good windows. "No problem momma!" You're right no problem!
The yard is busy from 6:30am to 5:30pm with workers. Progress is made every day. Here's hoping to spend Thanksgiving in the new house. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Cozy Quarters

Two rooms in the boys quarters, both 7 feet by 12 feet. One for eating, one for sleeping. 
The mud brick fence had to be built today and has to be plastered tomorrow. The rest will have to be made with small bricks. That's the law. 
The students are in their last week. Theo has given them notes for making a dress, a bonus item. 
Thanking God for the well built boys quarters that were ready to move into. 
Thankful for friends that helped us move and provided coffee and muffins, a meal and a hot shower before bed. 
Thankful for a great group of students that are finishing well. 
Thankful for the help and dedication of staff. 
Thank you Lord!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Thanks to the recent package sent from Canada I was able to make the grad invitations look nice. Colourful markers and heart stickers came in handy. 
Thanks Colleen and Tyrel. 

Pants and Shirts

The last pants and shirts are done. Everything is graded and time for graduation is getting closer. 
So impressed with the fitting of the pants and all of the students were too!!!
AM class. One missing. 
PM class. One missing. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School and House

Peter got the students with IOU's to work it off. About 8 students had anywhere from 1500 RWF ($2.60 CDN) to double that in debt for material or thread or zippers. 
This is in the school yard. We will plant here instead of at the house because of the work still in progress. 
Peter had to help make smiles on these faces. 
The ladies blouses are really good. They have finished the pants and just about all have finished a shirt- pictures to come later. 
The house progress:
This mound of dirt had to be moved from the back yard to the front. Peter helped it get to the right spot. 
This gal is "pointing". 
It will look very nice when it's finished. 
The floors are prepared for tiles. 
Prepping for the water trough around the house. 
Very busy with all that's happening. We will be moved by this time next week into the boys quarters. No electricity, no running water, I guess that's called camping!  The locals can't grasp it, and progress on the house has sped up. Peter says November 1st, I'm thinking quicker than that but we will have to see!!!
Packing again. Things will be going in about three or four places till our house is finished. 
Thankful for this house we've had the privilege to stay in these last few months. 
Graduation is in 2.5 weeks. Final preparations are still to be done. 
God is good and all will work out to glorify Him!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I found out a little trick. 
I take pictures with my iPhone and they have no problem loading them onto my computer using my Nikon program. But when it came to loading pictures onto my computer I'd taken using the two button click of something I wanted from looking online using my phone - they weren't accepted by my Nikon app. So I asked my favourite tech guy and he says he would email them to himself. Well I didn't like that method. So I happened upon a solution. I have another app on my phone called "Quick" and it allows you to add text to your photos. Once I added text to the photo my Nikon program would recognize and load the photo!!!  
VoilĂ . Happy me!!!!

Before photo. 
After adding "Cucumber Salad". 
Disclaimer: this post is only for me to remember what to do next time!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015