Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sponsored Children

Third semester started yesterday after a two week break. We visited the one school that 4 of the children go. We paid their fees and because it was afternoon only one child was in class, Sareyi. After that we took motos to visit the two families involved and delivered school supplies. It is always a blessing to visit with them.  Bethal is holding her supplies. 
The mom, Pelagie, was one of our first sewing students. She now does business from her home. Jean Claude her husband does concrete work ( and anything that goes along with that), and he did the work on the house. 
Then over to Grandma's house, both Esther and Hannah were not home but out playing with friends. 
We prayed for each of the families. What an honour to visit these people on behalf of their sponsors. Greetings from these families to the sponsors. We will be visiting the rest hopefully on Friday. 
God is good all the time. 
He is our strength. 
Thank you Lord for your blessings each day. 

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