Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Ryabega House Shoes

Seems like it's been a long time since I've had a Saturday off. Plans to do this or that, going going going!!! Financial books or something planned to do and not just to relax. 
So Friday I did what I usually do on Saturday.
And today is more relaxed. We did exchange some shoes for sponsored children. Had a fanta at the small restaurant in Ryabega. Walked over to see the work on the house and came home. 
Something is being constructed at the crossroads in Ryabega. 
Looks like a cow!!
The boys quarters slash guardhouse slash guesthouse.
The water supply in our "living room ". 
Pan from one corner of our lot. 
A pan from the opposite corner. 
Getting more excited about the house. Don't know if it will be finished when we will need it to be done but we have a backup plan. 
Never ever thought I'd be seeing ourselves here doing this and building a house. Two years ago I was curious as to what we would be doing. It's been a stretching time with the sewing school and our personal life with all the changes. 
But God has been there for us and has watched over us and provided our needs and has kept us healthy to do His work. 
Many prayers have been prayed on our behalf and He has answered. Thank you!
We see so many needs and want to do more and with your continued prayers we can. God is able to do even more and He can help us to help even more people. 
I pray that you will continue to pray for the ministry we are doing here and that God will supply the means in which to do it. I believe He can!!!

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