Saturday, August 29, 2015

Progress on house

Boys quarters/guard house. We will move into the two rooms behind those two closed doors and wait for the house to be finished. 
The toilet and wash house- we will use ate the end of the building. 
One entrance and boot room. Floor is prepared. 
Living room still with water supply. 
Kitchen- floor is prepared. 
Office and sewing room. 
Guest bedroom. 
Guest bathroom. 
Master bedroom. 
Master bathroom. 
Not quite finished. Likely will finish today. 
We will purchase the items to furnish the bathrooms and the kitchen this weekend hopefully. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blessed Sponsored Children

Today we went to see the last family of  children that we take care of for our sponsors!! Again another blessed morning. We went to their school and paid the fees. Got a picture of the four syblings in school uniform. Then the headmaster took us to their home to leave with the mother more school supplies for the last term. We also had shoes to give for a couple of them. 
The oldest is in P1, next one in Top Class (Top, Middle, and Baby classes are the three classes in Kindergarten), and the last two are in Baby Class. We had a chance to see the report cards and all four are doing very well. That is great to see. This term will go to the end of October and then they have a two month break with the next year starting in January. 

A month  left till graduation. Three pants were finished today and all were fitting the students comfortably. That was nice to see. All the instructions payed off. 

Going to get pretty busy now. 
Would covet your prayers during these next weeks as we found out we will move on the 15-16th of September to another building as we are pretty sure the house won't quite be done. The roof will be going on this week! Praying for no rain so that process doesn't get slowed down. 

Thank you Lord for your blessings on us today. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Ryabega House Shoes

Seems like it's been a long time since I've had a Saturday off. Plans to do this or that, going going going!!! Financial books or something planned to do and not just to relax. 
So Friday I did what I usually do on Saturday.
And today is more relaxed. We did exchange some shoes for sponsored children. Had a fanta at the small restaurant in Ryabega. Walked over to see the work on the house and came home. 
Something is being constructed at the crossroads in Ryabega. 
Looks like a cow!!
The boys quarters slash guardhouse slash guesthouse.
The water supply in our "living room ". 
Pan from one corner of our lot. 
A pan from the opposite corner. 
Getting more excited about the house. Don't know if it will be finished when we will need it to be done but we have a backup plan. 
Never ever thought I'd be seeing ourselves here doing this and building a house. Two years ago I was curious as to what we would be doing. It's been a stretching time with the sewing school and our personal life with all the changes. 
But God has been there for us and has watched over us and provided our needs and has kept us healthy to do His work. 
Many prayers have been prayed on our behalf and He has answered. Thank you!
We see so many needs and want to do more and with your continued prayers we can. God is able to do even more and He can help us to help even more people. 
I pray that you will continue to pray for the ministry we are doing here and that God will supply the means in which to do it. I believe He can!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sponsored Children

Third semester started yesterday after a two week break. We visited the one school that 4 of the children go. We paid their fees and because it was afternoon only one child was in class, Sareyi. After that we took motos to visit the two families involved and delivered school supplies. It is always a blessing to visit with them.  Bethal is holding her supplies. 
The mom, Pelagie, was one of our first sewing students. She now does business from her home. Jean Claude her husband does concrete work ( and anything that goes along with that), and he did the work on the house. 
Then over to Grandma's house, both Esther and Hannah were not home but out playing with friends. 
We prayed for each of the families. What an honour to visit these people on behalf of their sponsors. Greetings from these families to the sponsors. We will be visiting the rest hopefully on Friday. 
God is good all the time. 
He is our strength. 
Thank you Lord for your blessings each day. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lightening Rod Skirts

The students have finished their flared skirts so it was photo day.
One of the students was going to quit as she was told by her parents that they could not buy any more material. I told her we would help her out. It's sad that we are down to 17 students from 24. Some have quit to get married, some to give birth, and some we never know why

Also the power has been installed. The bulbs are in and so is the poor mans lightening rod. A wire from the box to a rod in the ground, with charcoal and two bags of salt, a couple pails of water and covered with dirt and it's good to go!  
Also on Saturday we had a group from the U.S. visit and learn about the sewing school. Love sharing about the work!  

Monday, August 3, 2015