Sunday, July 5, 2015


I really don't know how to write this post. I'm so stressed. I forgot about my appointment with the doc. We had booked the hotel two months ago and then life got busy. We forgot it was for this weekend. This morning I checked and panicked. Good thing the rooms were booked.
Buying the land and designing a house and getting money sent is not for the weak of heart. I'm getting too old for this. The neighbours are fighting over the property line,  I know people all over the world do this. So what's new? Nothing. Except that I didn't expect it here. The money isn't here yet and it's been over a month- my fault. The house estimate was too much, so we cut off two meters on two sides. I guess it was too big. There is no road to our property so we have to make one. Did you know you can knock someone's house down and their toilet (squatty potty) for free and but have to pay them if you cut down their crop before they harvest it, even if they planted on road allowance?

And not to forget that my computer has been down for two weeks. 

So I'm ranting. Well, I have a right to rant. 

So I'm at the hotel trying to relax. They really have nice rooms here, tubs and hot water. We get treated very well. Love this place. Steptown Hotel, Kigali Rwanda. Look it up on the web. 

So thankful for family through all of this. They have been there for us. Love you guys. 

So thankful for Theo and Eppy. They have done a great job with teaching while we've been busy with these other details.  The students have been doing their best too. I'm so amazed at the work they are handing in. 

So thankful for Amiss. This man is so good at negotiating between two cultures. Definitely worth his weight in gold - wait a minute - Amiss you need to put some weight on. I'm sure you are worth more than that. 

So thankful to God for loving me. Some days are tougher than others and I'm sure I mess up big time but He fixes it. 

Sorry no pics. I hear they don't work so well when I post from my phone. 

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