Thursday, July 16, 2015

All In A Day's Work

The foundation is started. 
Measuring and re measuring to make sure the rooms are the right size. 
Bosco is the guard at the house we are staying in, he leaves guarding at 6:30 am and heads to the building site to work for the day, then is back guarding by about 5:30 pm for the night. He's a good man, very faithful. 
Nkusi is the master builder. Just had a baby girl born yesterday, their third child. He built the house we are living in presently. He's a good man too. 
Ah, and Claudina our neighbour to our property. She was the one that found the owner to the property we bought. She came over to receive fanta money for doing her part. 
The village leader Sam who approved the property line yesterday. 
Trees to be cut done to make the road for village, not for us. 
And there's the red string to show our new property line. We gave 3 meters on the right for road, and we have 1 meter on the left to plant flowers and put a gutter for rain. Our fence wall will be built in to our boys quarters on that side with the entrance gate. 
Peter lead the Bible lesson before all that. It - dealing with the land - took all morning. We had lunch and then the afternoon class was taught. 
So thankful for Theo in looking after things for us while we deal with other matters during the day. There were more meetings in the afternoon and dealing with students that we were mentally exhausted by evening.  
Thank you Lord for the strength you give us!

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