Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Birthday

I had a great day. Peter made cakes the night before, so nice to have use of the oven in this house. In the morning class we served cake and fanta to the students and staff, and we did the same for the afternoon class. The two classes both sang a birthday song, one was in English even. We finished school and went home. I asked Peter if that was it for celebrations for the day. Long pause - turned out I wasn't suppose to ask. The YWAM'ers came about 5 o'clock and we had more cake and coffee and tea!  I received two hand drawn pictures from two sweet little girls, and a cake mix from another family.   It really was a great day for visiting with friends even for an introvert like me. Got ready for bed and there was a knock on the door. Here the neighbour next door had found out - I'm sure Peter must have told all of Ryabega. She speaks English and wanted to come over "even if it took to midnight to come". (Thankfully that didn't happen.) she presented me with a small brown paper bag with individually wrapped chocolates and sat for a small visit and returned home. The power has gone out before the last event do it was done in flashlight glow. 
Once we were in bed we heard a noise along the wall. Turned out a frog had gotten in - I'll never know how or for how long he'd been there. He was soon delivered out the window for the night and hopefully forever. 
Quite an eventful day and one I'll have fond memories of for many years. 

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