Sunday, May 24, 2015

Teaching Unknown Milking Bags

So much has happened since my last post.
But that is always the case no matter if I can get easy access to the internet or not!
I sure don't like being restricted, I like the freedom to do what I want when I want to.
But I'm not any different from anyone else.
Don't we all want to have our own way, plan things when we want, etc.!!!!
this is a little of what's been happening.
The security walls are completed in front of the sewing building.
The back walls are completed to, just need the finishing done.
The very back wall behind the sewing building is being done by the Rice Factory that backs our property. I think part of the wall is a building.
We had Anna Brack (YWAMer that has nurses' training) come and teach on Health. The students learned a lot and want her to come back and teach more.
The zipper pouches were finished (need one more) this week.
The front gate is being installed! YEAH!
We have a bit of a "jungle" behind our house, and Alphonsine has spotted a 'green snake' out back - twice! We will have to get it cleaned up and not have so much undergrowth happening!
Peter has been helping the MDC (Mutare Development Center - YWAM) with the cow milking. Gives him pleasure to know that his knowledge on milking is coming in handy over here!
 We are still seeking God's guidance on where we will live come September!
We are not sure yet, and that is causing more stress in my life - 
- I don't like the unknown!
God is teaching me to rely on Him more.
Not so sure if I can handle a last minute surprise though!!!
Nothing is last minute around here.
Like take the security fence at the sewing school - 
the landlord said he'd have it done in a week -
well it's been more than a month since that time.
If we rent - there may be things on the house or grounds that need attending to before we move in.
If we buy land (just keeping our options open!) we have the paper work to do, funds to raise,
and then build a house on it - that takes more than 4 months to just build a house!!! Yikes!!
If we. . .  well there are other options, and they all take time.
 Sure wish I already knew what the Lord wants us to do!

Meanwhile the students are doing well with their sewing. 
We have one more bag to make, then we do a baby dress
and then Theo takes over in teaching them tops, skirts, and pants!!!
He is being a great help to me in helping the students with the bags and other items up to this point.
He should find it easier to teach them when his turn comes!

 Thank you Lord for this opportunity to be here,
for seeing eyes being opened to Your Word,
and your Love being shown in many ways 
to help the less fortunate make a better life for themselves 
and for their families, friends and neighbors.

I am blessed,
may I continue to have opportunity
to bless others
in the name of Jesus.

(And Lord could you just let us know soon
where you want us to live
when our time in this house is over.)

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Slow Moving Internet

Well, we moved!!! and the internet is slower here, Ryabega, than in Nyagatare!
So you likely will see less posts on my blog till the internet speed changes.
We are in Kigali for the weekend and so I taking advantage of the internet.
April 30th we moved from Nyagatare to Ryabega, and are house sitting for a couple, 
Mike & Amanda, while they are in Canada for a few months. 
Meanwhile, we need to look for a place to move into when they get back - 
 - Please pray with us that we will find the place God wants for us here.

We are new to the village and the children found out where we live and it can be a tad bit annoying about the time they are finished school. If I'm walking home at that time from the sewing school, they will walk with me and when we get to our house, I tell them I've had a long day at work and try to get them to leave, as they want to visit me at my house. If we are already at home when they pass by, well they don't pass by, they stand at the road and yell until our dog barks and eventually she stops and they do too, and then they leave. I'm sure that this is all in the process of being 'NEW' in the neighborhood and that it will wear off. It is amazing how much English they know and that we can communicate with them. There is of course a great need too, in reaching the children in this country as there is in any country!

Well, here's some pictures of what's been happening -
Sewing school - we are learning seam allowances - 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch!
The landlord at the school made a cement walk to the 'sqautty potty' - nice when it's raining!
Three of the 5 stalls at the sewing school we rent - office, classroom and production room.
We had a hen come into the classroom one day - I'm sure she had an egg to lay but never did.
Painting the school - Landlord assures me he wants it to look smart!
We planted some flowers and veggies at the school from our house in Nygatare in preparation for our move to Ryabega.
More color to the school building!
We squeezed in an anniversary dinner on the 29th - brochettes and chips!
The moving crew that helped us move our belongings. They did a great job!
Master bedroom - using Mike & Amanda's mosquito net.
MB bathroom.
The closet we had built. The board at the top was to fit between the two shelves. Gave me a perfect example to teach the sewing class how important it is for them to know how to measure correctly.
I made curtains for the closet. I let Alphonsine go buy the material.
Spare bedroom - the 'collect all' room so far.
The kitchen - M&A's stove and frig.
The dining room.
The computer/sewing room.
The living room.
We had friends over to celebrate our move to Ryabega.
And we continue with the students, testing them to see if they know how to use their measuring tapes. I had to use 4 different tapes to grade them, and even then had to wait for class the next day to use their specific tape to grade the test!
 With all that has happened in the last month,
Peter and I feel very much at peace.
We know that God is in all of what is happening here.
We will be moving again in 4 months,
right now we don't know where.
The unknown can be scary. 
We are sure that it will be here in Ryabega somewhere,
and that we will continue on with the work we are doing.
We know too, that God wants us to open up a production room,
and store for the ministry to carry on for many more years.
We are continually seeking His guidance.
God is faithful,
He is looking after us,
and we are seeing that His plans are good.
Each day,
each week,
each month,
we see Him working.
Sometimes we don't understand the 'why',
and we realize we don't have to know the 'why',
but we do have to be obedient to Him.