Friday, April 10, 2015

Yesterday's Excitement

Peter called me from the market and asked if I wanted to see some baboons.
I said Yes, and he sent Jackson our moto driver to get me and take me to where they were.
I am about in the middle of the road to start with while taping this
 but backed up to the opposite edge in the end.
You will see the baboon quickly move to my left, at that point he is after another small child, 
similar to the one that threw him some - I believe sugar cane. 
There is a bit of commotion and talking.
I'm thinking then that I'd better get my white legs a little farther away from him.
During this whole time you can see and hear others around me, I'm not alone!
That was the excitement for the morning.
In the afternoon, we attended Alexander's 8th Birthday!
The cake and singing Happy Birthday
Musical chairs, one of many games we played.
The Limbo! Alexander is on the far right!
We had a lot of fun!

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