Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Sewing School Progression

(Sorry, this post is probably more for my documentation than anything.)

Well, we are hoping to move the Sewing School on Monday to this building.
A few things needed to be done before we moved in, 
like securing the grounds, electricity, and access to the toilet (sqautty potty) behind the building.
And a few things will need to be completed after we move in,
but to get the ball rolling we will move in to put the pressure on.
But so far some things have been happening to get it ready!!!
April 3rd pictures:
The front of the 5 stall building, 5th stall has an open front.
The front fence foundation and as of yet no left side fence.
Electrical outlets and lighting need to be installed and hooked up to the power.
The left side fence and the front walk need finishing.
The 5th Stall will have a door install in the back wall so that there is access to the toilet behind the building. It will be where that small white dot is on the back wall about middle on left side of the picture.
Looking through said dot to the back fence of property and seeing the toilet building.
April 8th, the contract was signed and we paid the landlord 3 months advance
for fixing the property up and get it ready to move into
by April 15th, the proposed 'move in' date.

 April 15th pictures:
Forgot to mention the right side fence has to be fixed so that there is no access to adjoining property.
Fence on left side is going up - yeah for progress!
Gate needs to be added between guardhouse on left and fence on right of this picture.
Fence on front and left side is progressing since the 3rd.
Electrical is installed but not hooked up to the village power - I believe.
The hole in the wall for the door to have access to the toilet is started!!!

April 16th pictures:
Progress on the front fence!
On the right side, the opening in the fence still not closed up.
In back of the building, there will need to be a fence to block access to the adjoining property on the left side of the building.
The access door to the toilet from the back of the building, it's coming along!
The fence on the left side of the building getting finished.
The front fence line and the left side fence - there will be a door to the adjoining property - landlord's request.

 April 18th pictures:
Repaired fence wall on right side of building.
The door to the toilet in 5th stall is being finished!
Front walk needs finishing.
Left side fence is coming along to almost completion.
Front fence.
I'm standing on neighbor's property, fence should be about where the shadow runs, corner of building to corner of building, no security there.
Back of building, access door to toilet.
Narrow space to get to toilet doors at back fence wall.
Go around the toilet and you have access to the adjacent property on the right side, no security there.
My version of the property: More for my own documentation.

So we will move in and the guard will control the front of the building.
Each day, starting the 15th of April, rent will be docked for what is not finished.
Seems this is the only way to get things done.
"You need leverage." they say.
So leverage we will give, it's all about money.
Chalking up all this experience for when we are looking for a house in Ryabega,
our next project.

Proverbs 3:5, 6 NKJV
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
Thank you Lord,
that You will direct my path,
if I acknowledge You, 
and trust in You,
and not in myself.

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