Sunday, April 19, 2015

Moving Garden and Hope

We went to Kigali mid April for a number of reasons. 
One was for renewing our passports, which was an interesting process. 
Didn't take as long and confusing as I thought it would be. 
Thanks to friends we were able to get to places and get things done quickly and efficiently, 
even though it was the final day of the Memorial week. 
(Seems schedules can change at a moments notice.) 
Suppose to be making another trip to Kigali in two weeks to pick them up again.
The one and only place to get Canadian passport pictures taken!
 Momma Alphonsine was given a cow.
I was by her place on Wednesday and went to see it.
Here is a picture of the calf that came with the cow she got.
The cow was being herded with others down to get a drink of water - I think!
The garden is growing. Radishes were the first to come of course.
 The rest of the garden may just not be harvested by us,
as we are moving the end of April to Ryabega.
We will be taking what we can from the yard, as in produce.
We have planted some fruit trees and flowers and vegetables,
some of which we will be moving to the yard we will live in for four months.
This is the house that Mike & Amanda built!
This will be our house for the next 4.5ish months.
Mike and Amanda will be in Canada for about that long and we will live here.
It is within walking distance of the new Sewing school, excited about that, but not!
I'll miss my 15-20 min. moto ride every morning that we take.
It was my chance to talk with God about the day and look at His creation,
and thank Him for sending us here to work for Him!
The 'house' is two bedroom, two bath, kitchen, and living room. 
Very nicely designed!
Just the right size for us!
Of course, during that time we will be looking for another place
 in Ryabega to move into when they get back.
 Need prayer for that as it is a big unknown for me!
Really looking forward to what God has in plan for that.

Just in case you wanted to know,
our snail mail address will be staying the same,
as well as all other contact info!

Please also Pray for:
I'm chalking this up to be stressed with all that is happening in our lives right now,
but my health is not good.
I haven't regurgitated since I was carrying our third child - that's about 31 years ago.
That happened just the other night,
and my lower back has been getting worse over the last week.
My guess is stress and the unknowns for the rest of this year.
When I don't know where my little ducks are, 
it is hard to line them up!
Learning to Let Go, and Let God!

A quote I heard: 
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick - means that if we put off hoping, we become sick. 
And if you can put it off, that means you can activate it (- hope that is.)
It is the way we decide to look at life."

Proverbs 13:12  NKJV
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
But when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.

My hope is in you Lord!

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