Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Memorial Classroom

As I mentioned in my last post
here are some updated pictures of the construction of the new Primary Classroom.
Enough money has come in to complete one classroom with furniture,
and start another as far as getting the walls up.
One angle of the new classroom and storage room and water reserve.
Entrance to the storage room
The other side of the classroom
The work started on the foundation for the second classroom
Plastering the outside side wall of the storage room
Plastering the outside back wall of the storage room
 We are also looking at renting another building for our sewing ministry.
We realize that the ministry is expanding to more than just teaching beginners.
The need for advanced classes and production are being recognized and we need more space.
Details need to be worked out yet, and more things have to be completed 
on the building, and a contract signed before we can move into it.
Possible building for the sewing ministry
 On Friday, we met with the group of YWAM'ers and friends for a meal and to celebrate Easter.
Some of us after the meal
 When I got home I realize there was an sign on our fence.
Peter told me it had been put up sometime during the week,
as I had been home all week sick with the flu/cold,
and not been out, I didn't see it till I got home.
So we have a physical address, impressive!!!
 Friday started a few days off for us. 
Easter and the Genocide Memorial week, dates are April 3rd to the 14th.
During this time we will try to finalize a contract with the landlord of the building 
for the sewing ministry, move into the building, and also take a trip to Kigali.
It's going to be a busy time for us.
Also a guard will have to be hired to watch the new building.
Praying for the move of the sewing school items to go smoothly.
Looking to God for knowledge to handle decisions that need to be made.

Also praying for those still dealing with memories of the genocide.
God can heal broken hearts.
God loves everyone no matter what we have done.
Please remember to pray for these hurting hearts during these next 10 days.
In the readings that I've read about the genocide,
it started while students were home visiting family for Easter weekend.
I can only imagine that this may be an even harder time for some.
I believe that all the schools have closed now starting Friday, April 3rd until Monday April 20th.

Remembering what Christ did for us,
Happy Easter!
He Is Risen!

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