Monday, April 6, 2015

Crowns Cows and Creation

Being that we have a bit of time,
we had the idea in our heads to sight out some monkeys in the area.
It was overcast, warm, and a perfect day for a little hike.
Just outside our fence we planted Crown of Thorns, they are coming along nicely.
Cows at the river.
Old twisted tree.
Peter waiting
Binoculars came in handy
Took about 100 pics with my phone, these were the best. Think what I could have had with my camera!

We found a hole in the side of a prickly bush.
 The Crown of Thrones and the prickly bushes we walked through,
reminded me of our Lord and Savior 
and the crown of thorns he wore on his way to the cross.
Thank you Heavenly Father for sending your son to save me,
Thank you Jesus for coming to die for my sins.

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