Monday, March 23, 2015

Okay So...

I thought I was finished with registering new students. 
I made the decision to register one of the two that showed up in the morning, but she would have to come back for the afternoon class, and pay the full fees, and pay for the sewing kit, (which she did!), as that was where there was 'the one and only' spare machine. 
So now we have full class in the morning and full class in the afternoon - in all 24 students. 
But I'm sure that the ones that register two weeks ago and never showed for the class last week are going to be mighty disappointed when I have to give them their money back and tell them they should have come when the classes started! 
Some think that having a "toe" in the door is good enough.
Kind of makes me think of what some Christians think, 
that just going to church is enough, (or something like that)
you have to work on a relationship with Jesus every day. 

Note to self: 
Do I read God's word every day?
Do I listen for His still small voice every day?
Do I heed Him every day?

Today, we were suppose to sew the pin cushion. 
We got the fabric cut and will be sewing them up tomorrow. 
And maybe start the Drawstring bag!

Excited to be back teaching and learning new faces. 
The instructions of how to put a pin cushion together!
Blossoms and fruit on the mango tree, should be ripe by June.
Thank you Lord again for safety as we travel every day. 
Thank you too, for loving us so much and taking us a step farther in knowing you more!

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