Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Flower Cushion Bag

Peter was sick last week with a head cold, and coughing. 
This week it's my turn. 
The rainy season has started, and a lot of the students are sick. 
You know, like when winter sets in and you get that first cold of the season. 
Same here. 
But because of that my flower has finally bloomed.
I've been waiting a long time.
At first it was the chickens that would peck at it and not allow it to grow, 
then dry season, 
more chickens, etc. 
Now with the dog and no chickens, it's had a fighting chance.
 The first item that the students make is a pin cushion.
One of the items that is required in their sewing kit that they have to get together.
 Morning class's pin cushions, well 11 of the 12.
 Afternoon class's pin cushions, 10 of 12.
Next a draw string bag.
 Instructions for sewing a draw string bag.
 Debora was the first one to finish the draw string bag.
A very good sewer, and I'm very impressed with the majority of the students.
 We've planted some seeds in the garden just after the rains started, first of March,
but then they stopped. It was a bit scary as to whether they were going to start again,
but they have. The cucumbers are up, along with some carrots, and radishes, etc.
 These cabbages are from the last growing season. 
When the stems were left in the ground, new cabbages started to grow.
There is any where from one to four growing on one stem.
If the rains are good, I'm guessing we will get a few more good heads of cabbage.
Soup's been on the menu a few times these last two weeks.
Today I made beet, carrot and cabbage soup. 
Threw in what I had and plan on getting more spices and herbs when we are in Kigali next month.

As you saw in the prayer letter, the toilet for the primary school is finished,
and construction is well underway on the first classroom.
I really hope to get some updated photos soon.

We are working on some changes.
We have out grown our space where we've been holding the sewing classes.
We are looking at renting a larger building with 5 rooms in it.
One room would be for the present beginner class,
one for an office,
one for production,
one for a store to sell the items,
and one for multiple uses - maintenance, bible lessons, etc.

Also, we are seriously thinking about moving from Nyagatare ourselves,
and finding a place in Ryabega, which is closer to where we are holding the sewing classes.
(If so I'm going to miss our daily moto ride!)

God has been good to us. 
When we are making plans to help students in the area of production, 
it seems to be way out of our comfort zone. 
It is way beyond anything that Peter and I have done.
There is a lot of regulations, etc. to follow and we need to get to know the right person to help us in that area. We realize that our "dreams" when we first started here, are likely not going to 'fly' as we realize that we just can't humanly do 'all' of what we thought we could.
But the core "call from God" of teaching them about Jesus, 
and teaching them to sew will not change.
We really want to have God show us more in that area.
Please pray for us in this area of change.
We want God to be glorified in all that happens over the next few months.

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