Monday, February 16, 2015

The Weekend and Monday

Peter trimmed the mango tree on Saturday.
We found out through watching a video that the tree was just producing mainly new growth.
Hopefully now with this trim we will see bigger mangoes, but maybe fewer too. 

Theo finished the second dress. 
Now he will make school uniforms for the two girls.

Also, today there were a couple of shirts and a pair of pants finished.
We also agreed on a final date for the Advance Class.
It was suppose to end on Jan. 30th 
but there were no shirts handed in until the 11th of February.
Now there is just a few shirts to be finished and the two weeks 
they have left will probably be enough time to finish all the pants.
Advanced Class will be celebrating accomplishments on Feb. 27th.
No more time to dawdle, talk on the phone, or just not show up!
This class sure has drawn out the serious, good sewers.
We've seen a few drop out, for various reasons.
But we have some great seamstresses.

Theo's second little dress.
Brandine's shirt
Todoziya's shirt & pants
Sarah's shirt
Continuing to Praise God for the funds that have come in for the classrooms.
With the exchange rate and the Canadian dollar dropping it makes it a bit tough.
We are able to start on the first classroom tomorrow.
Plans say it will be completed in 67 days, April 24, 2015.
Not sure what will be left over, from what we know has come in, for a second classroom, 
but we are praising God for what He has provided through our support team!
Love the way God works in lives half way around the world -
to a poor little village in Rwanda Africa!
Building a classroom,
supporting children to get educated,
ministering to those with a spiritual hunger,
helping train those with the desire to have a skill,
how blessed Peter and I are to see this happening!
And thanks to those who support us being here,
we could not have done it without you,
or without God!!!

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