Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fabric Boxes and Gifts

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
and the days went just as fast as you read them!
And there's pictures to show what we did.
 Pelagie brings her baby and an older daughter to watch her, also one day we had an extra little one.
The boxes turned out really good, and
the students enjoyed having Leona teach them to make a fabric box,
and fabric flowers.
Both the AM and PM classes gave gifts to Leona.

We have extending the Advance Class for few more weeks,
as we miscalculated how long it would take for the students to sew
a button up, long sleeved shirt, and a pair of pants with a fly.
We are hoping to be finished by the last week in February or before.

 Sunday was a great time of worshiping and Praising God at the church.
Lots of singing and dancing.
 Greetings from the Canadians,
and sharing God's word to encourage the congregation.
 And more gifts!
 Leona & Fraser brought gloves for the moto drivers,
a needed, and appreciated gift.
 Leona got brave this year and actually waved - hanging on with only one hand while riding.
We were finished with the 'work' in Ryabega and headed to Kigali.
 Taking time to relax after the trip to Kigali.
 Giraffes at the Step Town Motel.

In a few days they will be flying back to Canada!
The time has been short, but good!
We had a great time showing them the needs,
and helping alleviate some of it.
What a joy to bring smiles to so many that need help.
It is a blessing to bless others.
God is so good.
We are so encouraged to have visitors see the ministry.
❤️ Thank you Leona & Fraser for coming!❤️
We are being blessed too, in seeing the finances come in for the classrooms.
Thanks to everyone so far for your contributions and prayers.
We almost have enough for 2,
and are excited to get started on the first one.
We are blessed to be seeing God work in this way.
We will be picking up another sewing machine too, 
bringing a total of 6 machines bought by students 
since our return from Canada five months ago.
Thank you God for your protection on us,
for your mercy,
your grace,
your love,
may we never forget the blessings you give us,
may we be always blessing others
so they see You!

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