Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back To Routine

I was excited about today, couldn't wait to get back to class.
We had been gone for about a week and the students and staff had been on their own. (going to happen more and more I think!)
One of the things that was mentioned before we left was the fact that they had to do what Theo asked of them.
I'm a bit hard on them, the students, I want to have them do their best, and that requires them to rip out sewing that they have done, redo it and hopefully better than the first time. They don't always do what Theo has asked and he will let them get away with excuses they give him. He knows what I would like to see and he does tell them, but if they argue he sends them over to me, and I tell them they have to rip it out. So knowing that I'd be gone for a week the topic came up - (I'm thinking the one that asked wasn't too well liked after!) and so it was decided that they were to listen to Theo while we were gone and do as he asked because he knew what I would expect from them if I was there.
Well, I came back and was so impressed with the shirts that were completed and the quality, and there were two pairs of pants that were finished too. Very good work!
Delphine and Donata tried on their shirts with their pants and got photos! Well, if I ever wanted to know what was being said, today was the day! Not sure if those two ladies had ever worn pants "in public" before, but there sure was a lot of exclamations!!! They did such a great job! The pants fit perfectly, as you can see below. It is so worth the effort to get them to "take it out" and do it again. And Theo and I are "high fiving", proud of ourselves for sticking to our guns and getting them to 'rip it out', AND the students that have finished a shirt or pants are proud of themselves, and rightfully should be!!! The shirts are definitely market value!
Theo also had time to sew up one of two dresses he was paid to make while teaching this last week.
Hopefully I'll get a picture of the two dresses on the two little girls they are made for!
Again God has blessed us! It is very rewarding to see the students working hard to do their best!
Thank you God for this opportunity!

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