Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The First Two Days

Yesterday and today - Tuesday and Wednesday!
Wow, time is going already!
Tuesday was a greet and meet for Leona & Fraser.
The class was prepared to welcome them.
Four motos came to the house and took us to the sewing school.
Leona & Fraser shared a bit about themselves to the morning class
Then we all sat around the cutting table for African Milk Tea and ground nuts!
Of course they enjoyed it.
We even got to know some things about the students we didn't know before.
After Leona & Fraser shared the afternoon class served Milk Tea and breads!
We had a great fellowship time over the table again.
We went shopping at the market for a few things to give the family of which Leona & Fraser sponsorship a child. 

Today we headed off to visit the Primary school and the sponsored child's families.

Middle Class - meets in the church.
Baby Class - meets in the church.
Primary 1 (P1) has their own class room
Two sponsored children - top left is Sareyi, bottom is Hannah.
P2 class.
Top Class
Child in the red shirt is Esther, sister to Hannanh
We all were greeting by the children and were given a chance to greet them back.
P3 class.
We then took the motos over to the village where the families live of the children mentioned above.
Pelagie with the backpacks filled with supplies.
Fraser & Leona, Pelagie & Jean Claude with Edith.
Next stop was Grandma to Esther and Hannah, with backpacks and school supplies.
Leona & I with Grandma.
Esther & Hannah live with their Grandmother since their mother left them.
On the way back we saw lots of corn kernels drying in the sun.
And getting back to the class room we had some shirts that were finished.
We were very tired out and
Peter decided we would head home a bit early.
What a great day for visiting.
What an eye opener for all of us as to the lifestyle of the families of these children.
In one home, a small spot was cleared in the living room for us to sit on small benches
as the rest the of room was full of cobs of corn that had been harvested recently.
Also in one corner was the sewing machine the lady had purchased 
from the bags that were sold when we were in Canada.
What a blessing that was to see!
God is so good.
 Our day was complete in knowing that we are doing what we can to help those that need it so much.

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