Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sharing Brick Shirts

We've been busy.
Lots has happened since last post.
Just want to let you know some of what we've been doing.
DTS Student Sophie from Canada.
Anni from Finland.
Amiss shared about what DTS is all about.
Fabien from Switzerland
Jean Philippe from Canada
Devin from Canada
Camille from Switzerland
All the DTS students and staff from the Canada team shared 
and were well received by the sewing students.
Even staff make mistakes - it was a good lesson learned by all!!!
Beautiful sunset.
A load of bricks came so Peter could fix the driveway.
The shirts are starting to get finished now, 
and the students are handing in great work.
Delphine's shirt
Anne Marie
The bricks are in position.
Theo teaching pants. It's the next item for the students.
Dieudonne came for a visit.
He also shared his testimony with the students.
We have two students that bought sewing machines (I need to get pictures), 
and it is very exciting to see the interest in that.
We have been encouraged by the funds that are coming in for the building project.
We are so thankful for those of you who have prayed with us on this,
and for those of you who have given financially toward it.
 God has continued to be faithful in what He says,
we are being provided for,
cared for,
and praising Him for all the blessings He gives.
God is Good!

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