Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Some News Since New Years

Peter relaxing
His meal of chicken and fries and veggies.
My meal avocado salad.
Trying out what my camera can do on my phone! Can you guess what it is?
Friends David, Mirjam, Desire, and Jazmine!
Friends Augustine and Sylvia!
Eppy finished her outfit - very nice!
My trial run on a fabric box we will make this month in class.
The frog I found on a Kale leaf when I was out getting some for my meal.
Today we had guests - Angela from Switzerland taking her DTS in Canada, on outreach in Rwanda.
Janelle from Canada, both gals shared great testimonies of God working in their lives.
Theo helping a student.
Busy students.
The hankies were finally all handed in and marked, then handed back.
 Always something happening.
We are seeing some work getting done over at the Pre/Primary School.
Encouraged to see funds come in for that project.
Being that the children are scheduled to return on Jan. 26, that gives more time to get more finished.
Not so sure that there will be a classroom built 
but the needed new school desks and toilet will be completed.
 We are praying for God's leading on changes at the sewing school,
and we would really appreciate your prayers too.
The desire to learn more has come strong from the graduates,
and we would like to give them that opportunity.
The rest of January will be busy as we will have guests from Canada in our home.
Fraser and Leona have been here before and we are looking forward to them coming.
Okay, so they are bringing things for us and others,
but we love to have them here and enjoy the warmth with us!

God has been good to us and we love Him so much.
The protection He provides,
health He gives,
provisions from our garden,
and more.
We pray that we will be a blessing to those we are reaching out to,
that they will see what a great God His is,
that He will be lifted high so all men may see.
Oh, if we could only do more . . .


  1. You guys are such an inspiration to me...your faith and trust in the Lord!

  2. Mar Salmond PannenbeckerJanuary 14, 2015 at 4:57 PM

    Love seeing the school and students ! Good job guys