Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sewing Parcels Visiting Farewells Market and Skype

It's been a busy week, and exciting!
Lots has happened.
Theo finished his pants and shirt. I'm happy with his skill, and eagerness to learn new ways!   

He also made another pair of pants.
(the above weren't meant to match so don't get too excited about it!)
We had two parcels come this week, this one took that longest to get here. We will be sowing the seeds in March.
 We attended a farewell for the Merrilds, they are going to Australia for Christmas. 
We made wreaths and Alphonsine got to meet Sophia, Christian & Anna's little one.
Have a Merry Christmas in Australia, Merrilds, we will miss you!
Alphonsine by our tree.
The maize is ready to eat - this cob is a meal in it self!
My shirt and pants.
Pelagie came to sign up for the Advance Class that starts Monday. She had her bag from Sue with her.
And her little one 'Edith' born in Aug.
The new Market - Thursday's are the big day, and very busy.
My second shirt and pants, and matching bag!
Today we visited with the First Baptist Church in Prince Albert, SK! 
Great to have shared with them and receive their blessing.
Merry Christmas to all of you!

We had graduates come this week to sign up and pay for the 'Advanced Class' we are giving.
It starts tomorrow and runs for 6 weeks with two weeks break at Christmas and New Years.
We will be teaching button up collared shirts, and pants.
They have to make the items to fit themselves.
They will be doing a hanky that will give them practice on making hand-stitched buttonholes.
Looking forward to seeing how they do, 
and excited about having previous students back in the classroom.

God has been good again!
We are ever grateful for His provisions and are blessed with many friends.

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