Monday, December 22, 2014

Hankies Shirts Baby Booties

Time has slipped by and we've been busy with the Advance Class.
The students have been busy with their hankies and making buttonholes,
and some have finish that and moved on to making a shirt that fits themselves. 
I think that it is important that they do that in order to make a shirt for someone else.
This is Donata with her new machine she purchased. She will be using it in the Advanced Class to be sure it's working well when she takes it home.
This is Delphine - same situation.
Never yet got a picture of Teddy with her machine yet, she also is taking the Advanced Class.
Ironing the hankies.
Doing the buttonhole stitch.
Smiles from everyone.
1st hankies, well some of them we have 21 students, with 4 buttonholes on each side.
Some are doing a great job, while others just need more practice.
Eppy's shirt she made for her son Emmy. This is what the students will be doing next.
Material we bought at the market for the ladies to buy from us. 1500RWF = $2.50 for one piece. One piece is about 2 yds.

So they look, and then buy, or run up an IOU they pay later.
Then they measure, mark and cut.
Meanwhile, I mark the hankies. Each student has to do two hankies.
Peter holding Edith, one of the student's baby, too small to leave at home.
Big sister there to help mom when needed.
We ride the motos every morning to work, and the last month or more we've been taking the ditch, because of the trench they dug for run-off.  Monday, Dec. 15th, they had a bridge built.
Wow was that nice. And I was just getting comfortable with the ditch too!
So on weekends, when I have an extra hour or two, 
I've been knitting baby booties for little gifts for babies. 
Got a few pairs done now.
Little Sophia got her's before I remembered to take a picture of the booties.
 Alphonsine has been harvesting the beans. Papa Wayla helps too when he gets to our place.
As you can see, so does Sheila!
We planted papaya, well threw some seeds on the ground.
Looks like we will get some plants. You need to have a female and male plant or one that is both!
The garden - we are still getting rains.
The carrots did well this year for the first time.
The garden, carrots, kale, sunflower, lemon grass.
Cabbage is good too.
 Well, that brings me up to date!
We are taking a two week break to relax,
and do a few things that just don't get done during the work week or weekends.
We let Alphonsine and Papa Wayla off for a week,
Dec. 20th to the 26th. It's nice to have Sheila here guarding.
We will go to Kigali for the week of New Year's and end with another visit to the doc.
I'm sure the time will go by quickly.
Can't believe another year is just about gone.

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