Sunday, November 30, 2014

Since Grad

November 2014 is on it's last day!
Where has the time gone?
It's been just so not good for my OCD since we got back here.
We arrived when there were only two months left of the 6 month course. 
I hardly got to know the students before they graduated. 
And since then, the schedule has changed many times, and will likely change some more. 
We've experienced new things - like "you have to pay such and such",
 when for the last 2 years we haven't even known about it!!! 
It's just been a bit crazy!

But this is what has happened since Graduation:

ONE: Nov. 11th,
We got a working water meter - not sure I like that!
We've had our days with EWSA.

TWO: Nov. 19th,
We were on our way to an event and Marie Jean (2nd class grad) called out.
Here she is sewing in her store. So encouraging for Peter and I to see this.

THREE: Nov. 19th,
Mutare Development Center had a celebration on starting their building project.
There are four couples with YWAM that are building on the YWAM land near where we have our school in Ryabega. They are staring with a health care building, which is very needed.
and more,
and food! and rain!

FOUR: Nov. 21,
Our potatoes have been harvested.
and our yard it still producing,
Sunflowers, carrots,
Kale, pineapple, lemon grass,
potatoes in the house to stay dry.
FIVE: Nov. 25,
Trip back from Kigali was an experience - got a ticket for having luggage in the back seat with me.
We had bought 5 new sewing machines and they were in the trunk.
So excited about the 3 students that paid for their machines!
(Hopefully pictures later on that, the other two were from donations!)

SIX: Nov. 26,
Corn is ready for eating!
I've been waiting so long for it! I've missed the field corn they eat here!
Peter has too I guess!
SEVEN: Nov. 27, 28,
Pants and Shirts and New bag.
I've been teaching Theo and Eppy some tips on shirts and pants.
Theo has finished his shirt and is working on 'my online education' style of pants!!!
I've finished my shirt and pants and started a new style bag - my own design!!!
Can't wait till it's finished!
Theo is very concentrated - We had problems with the 'fly' but he's a good sport and will be teaching the 'new' way!!!
Eppy still on her shirt for her son! Theo will be teaching her the pants next week.
EIGHT: Nov. 28,
I just love the poinsettias in the yards. Would love to get some 'seed' for my yard.
Oh, they are gorgeous!
NINE: Nov. 29,
Christmas decorations at our house are very few!

TEN: Nov. 30,
Choirs at Church - eight because of the daughter churches attending today.
Jesus Is Lord children's choir
Karohoza children's choir
Jesus Is Lord youth choir
Kabirizi choir
Karohoza youth choir
Karohoza adult choir
Communion - sure wish for communion dishes for the church.
Jesus Is Lord adult choir.
Jesus Is Lord young adult choir.
Well, even though it seems to have been unstructured these last few months,
and I have felt very unsettled,
I am looking forward to the next few months.
We plan to do some teaching on uniform clothes,
specifically pants and button up shirts, because of the 'details',
to all of those who have graduated, and can manage to come,
 starting Dec. 8th to Jan. 30.
Also, we will take some time for Christmas and New Years.
And Lord willing, we will start another class of new beginners, around the 9th of February.
 God has continued to be our strength.
We praise Him for the work he is continuing to do through us.
We are very blessed.
The one lady that will be getting her machine soon,
(Peter wants to make sure it's working properly first),
said to me, "God bless you!"
I told her, "He has, because of the smile on your face."
She is so happy to be able to have gotten her own machine,
yes, she earned the money and paid for it.
It's so rewarding to be here and see those smiles, 
and see people have their lives changed because of Christ!
Why wouldn't I want to be here?
God has truly blessed me.

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