Monday, November 10, 2014

Graduation Has Come and Gone

Thursday, November 6, 2014
 Decorations were done by the class. I was asked to help but found more important things to do like printing off the certificates. I think they did a wonderful job on their own!
 Friday, November 7, 2014
 First step was to show the 'new' classroom off to the leaders that came for the graduation,
and to explain the display of clothes the graduates had sewn for their test.
(We had some of the machines and other furniture items moved over on Tuesday to the
new classroom as it was closer to the church. They will have to be moved back as we
don't have a guard and the Primary School is using it as a classroom and office.
We are hoping that when the Primary School starts again in January 2015, that we
will have funds to build them a classroom of their own and we can use this one.)
The grads dressed in gowns paraded to the church for the ceremony.
 Alex shared about the ministry.
 Peter shared.
 I shared.
Theo shared.
 Clarisse spoke for the students.
 A community leader shared.
The class of 22 grads were given their certificates.
As you can see, gowns were optional.
 The Amahoro Choir sang at the beginning of the ceremonies, and again toward the end.
 Yay, we were allowed to invite guests - we ended up not being the only 'white' people there!
Thanks Fiona, Amanda & Mike for coming.
 Sound man.
 Invited leaders, or rather their reps.
Thanks Amanda for taking the pics, you did a great job!
Okay so this one was from my phone!
 We invited Jackson (Peter's moto driver) and his 'madame' to come.
 Sorry, there were two different breads and an egg, fanta and water, for the lunch after
 - we were hungry by the end and we ate it all before I remembered to take a pic!
 It was a great day, started "Rwanda" time,
but seemed to catch up and almost finish on scheduled time.
We gave gifts to the ones with top marks and top attendance.
And of course we received gifts from the students.
The weather was great too, as it is the rainy season yet.
 It was cloudy and may have rained a bit during the ceremony,
but there were lots of pics taken outside after.
We came home tired, but pleased with another class of great students.

We pray that each one will remember the Bible lessons that Peter taught
in the last two months, and what Eppy taught while we were in Canada.
We pray too, that they will continue to use their skill and
somehow be able to purchase a machine to continue learning more.
We do know that there is a good percentage of the past graduates
who are still sewing and some have been able to purchase a machine.
We hope to have, in the near future, advance classes for the graduates.
They are wanting to learn more and that is great.
Six months in only a beginning of learning a skill.
God has been good and we are pleased with our hard working staff.
Hope to teach a few tips and techniques to Theo and Eppy before Christmas,
and then start another 6 month course soon after the new year.
We plan to take a break at Christmas and New Year's,
so there is lots that will happen in the next while.

Praise the Lord for all He has done for us in the last month,
and what He is going to do in the future.

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