Saturday, November 15, 2014

God Can Do This Through You

Dear Family and Friends,                                                                           November 13, 2014

We would like to say thank you for your continued support to our ministry here in Rwanda and
specifically to the people of Ryabega.

For those of you who may not be familiar with our ministry, we are partnering with the Ryabega
and area community in 3 ministry areas. We are closely involved in the sewing school ministry,
we also partner with the pre-primary and primary education school, and assist with the local

We have been blessed to see much growth in all areas of our ministry. The sewing school
continues to have many graduates every 6 months. Total graduates, 62. We have been asked by
some of our graduates for advanced sewing classes, and will be looking into accommodating

The pre-primary and primary classes are full of eager children wanting to learn. As the children
get older we are looking to expand the school to meet their educational needs.

The local church has started 2 Sister Churches in smaller villages.

God is working in Ryabega and area. The schools are an integral part of our ministry. They are a
way we can show God's love in practical ways.

The sewing school is currently being conducted in the Pastor's home. We have outgrown this
facility and it is an inconvenience for the pastor's family.

When we returned from North America for our second term, we had anticipated moving out of
the Pastor's home and into a new sewing school which was built on the church property.

The Government of Rwanda has set up specific regulations for the pre-primary and primary
school (Education School), and in order to continue to operate, it was necessary for the
Education School to use the newly constructed Sewing School Facility.

We are hoping that 2 new classrooms and a teacher's office, could be built for the Education
School. The New Sewing School building would then be used for it's intended use.

Our need at this time is for the construction of 2 new classrooms for the Education school.
The 2 new Education classrooms will need to be built to government specifications and the cost
for each furnished classroom is $15,000.00 each (26 ft x 30 ft)

At this time of year, as you are thinking about gifts for family and friends, would you also
consider giving a gift to the people of Ryabega and their community?

We are constantly amazed how God blesses our ministry with gifts that we do not expect and
from people who have a giving heart. If you have an idea to raise some funds in your circle of
friends, please share our ministry. We thank you in advance, God is at work everywhere!

If you would like to give a one time gift, please mail your cheque to YWAM Vancouver with the
reference code:

Or consider being a monthly contributor. All donations to our ministry are tax deductible.

YWAM Vancouver
Project Funding Office
PO Box 57100 RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC
V5K 5G6

We would love to hear from you, info in tab above.

"May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace." Numbers 6: 24-26

Peter and Diane Salmond

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  1. We have a good start on the fund raising, we have had $5000.00 donated for the classrooms that we know of right now and praying that more has come in that has not been reported to us yet.. We want to ask all of you to continue to pray with us that this great need will be met. If you can give we want to thank you in advance and thank you for your prayers, we know many pray for us every day.