Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Story Goes

We were coming home from our Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Ryabega. We caught the taxi van from there to Nyagatare. We got in and must have waited for about 20 minutes, as we watch about 4 vans and 2 buses go past, while our driver tries to fill the van before heading down the road! At Nyagatare we got off the van, and a crowd of bikes with their drivers pull up so close to the van (as usual) that you can hardly get out! Peter and I, as usual, have smirks on our faces. It never fails that this happens. They all have their extra helmets in their hands, shoving it towards you. Peter's got his on already and I go to take the closest one, look at the chin strap and notice that it's one that you can't open, you just slid it over your face and under your chin. I've started being selective lately on that issue as I don't really want to be hanging on to the helmet all the way home when I have bags to hang on to also. The driver has to have a proper helmet, and he has to know where "HOME" is!!! Well, I give back the helmet to the driver and I hear chuckling from other drivers, and I move on to the next one. Yep, it's okay and my smirk has changed to a grin by now. I look at Peter - so has his!!! We get such a kick out of these drivers. All vying for your 'money' - 300 RWF - a total of $.50 CDN, or the prestige of driving a 'muzungu' to their destination! The two drivers drop us off at our home. Peter pays and I unlock the gate, we enter in, barely close the gate and we burst out laughing!!! Life has it's good times. 

Last night Peter went out to tie Sheila up. The night before she had done so much barking and had kept me awake, and I just thought that she was being a bit too sensitive to all the noises out there. Well, Papa Wayla (our guard - not sure of spelling) said no! So Alphonsine comes out to Peter and the story goes like this:
Papa Wayla was at the chicken pen, all was dark except for the outside lights on the four walls of the house. Sheila ran for the front yard and Papa Wayla sees a figure jumping over the fence.
"What time did this happen?" I asked.
About 2:30 am, yep, that would have been the time I checked my clock to see what time all that noise was about.
So, she's been doing her job, and there was no way that she was going to be allowed to be tied up for the night!
Alphonsine wasn't so sure about Sheila when she came back from the weekend late Sunday afternoon. I'm thinking that Sheila will be getting a few extra treats!

Love it when these kind of things happen!

Thank you Lord for little things in life that let us smile!!!

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