Thursday, October 9, 2014

Other Tidbits

Some things that I've neglected to post:
Sylvia and Rebecca came to visit us Thursday, September 25th. 
They are two fellow DTS students living in Kigali. 
We were at work in Ryabega but they wanted to come and see us. 
We were so glad to see them. 
We had a great visit and they were impressed with the work.
Our chicks hatched out on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 26, 27. 14 in all, count today is 12.
 Oct. 4th, we headed to Kigali. We had been invited by Sibomana Andre to come to his ordination. What an honor to have been there. We stayed with Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin and Caleb, their son. Had a great time, and left Monday morning for Nyagatare.
 Tuesday, I stayed home and did some odd jobs, and started cutting out pants for myself in order to help teach our Tailor a few shortcuts in sewing up pants. I'm hoping to get them finished before Graduation - Nov. 7th. After grad, I'll be taking some time to fine tune some sewing skills, that I don't have, and teach Theo at the same time. We hope to have a class or two yet this year for graduates only, who want to learn to make uniforms a bit better. Mostly focusing on collars in shirts and the crotch area in pants. Two particulars areas that need to be comfortable in clothes. I'm actually looking forward to learning and teaching it.
 Life has not slowed down. 
It's as busy as it was when we left. 
We are doing great and enjoying the work. 
 We are so glad to be serving here.
God has protected us and blesses us continually.
We praise the Lord for an increase in our support and in the ATW ministry.
(We'd like to see it come up more - The Lord knows!)
(If you are wanting to give - monthly or one time - information is above under the support tabs.)
God bless you!

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