Saturday, October 25, 2014

Note To Self

Well, we now have 0 baby chicks!  Sept. 26th the hens hatched out 12 chicks, and now Oct. 25, the last one died. I'm thinking that if we would have put them under a lamp, like we did in Canada, we would have saved them. The weather right now is wet and cold, not good conditions for raising baby chicks. We will try again about the beginning of December, that way the 3 hens we have, can hatch them out about the first week in January, and they can enjoy the warm days of January and February, before the first rains in March. Now we will have to buy another Rooster as the last two are gone - one we ate, and the last one got taken by a thief before we got the guard dog!

(Note: hatch out chickens at the beginning of the dry seasons - two of them per year - Jan. to Feb. and July to Aug. - should have good crops of meat each year with that!)

On the other hand - this is the perfect weather for growing a garden. Started eating cucumbers today! All this rain is good for the cucumber plants. The green beans are being harvested as they mature, as is the kale. Planted some papaya seeds about a week or two ago and they are already up. Hope to get more trees growing, like orange, larger mangoes, and avocados, too.  The beans and maize are still growing along with the carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and cabbage. Harvest will come for them about December or before as they mature. Looking forward to that!

Thank You God for the rains. Thank You for the garden produce. And Thank You again for Your Love and Care for us.

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